May 142018
POLL: Should Hawaii's feral cats be killed to protect indigenous species?

It is estimated that there are several HUNDRED THOUSAND cats on the island of Oahu alone. FERAL discusses the overpopulation of feral cats in Hawaii. The film highlights: 1) The various reasons as to why this is a MAJOR problem: the health and well being of the cats predation on critically endangered species a strange […]

Nov 032014
Poll: Should Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs be used to handle feral cats?

Feral cats are cats who have had little or no significant contact with humans. These cats are used to fending for themselves and don’t do well as an indoor pet cat. Many cat lovers have turned to Trap-Neuter-Return programs (also known as TNR) to handle the feral cats in their communities. There may already be […]

May 142014
Can Mull be a NNR whilst culling pine martens?

Hot topics Currently there are a few stories hitting the news across Mull; the possibility of Mull becoming a national nature reserve and the issue of the pine marten (Martes martes) breeding on the isle. It is safe to say I have some strong opinions on both of these hot topics. Here on the isle […]

Oct 072013
Extinction by stealth: how long can the Scottish wildcat survive?

Are these the final few days of the Scottish wildcat, currently numbering perhaps as few as 35 scattered beasts? That is the fear of some supporters of Scotland’s most vivid species, and it is leading to an almighty row over a creature that has graced the Highlands for around 10,000 years. The argument relates to […]

Oct 072013
Canadian scientists publish human-related bird mortality estimates

Scientists with Environment Canada, the federal government ministry responsible for protecting the environment and conserving Canada’s natural heritage, have found that human-related activities destroy roughly 269 million birds and 2 million bird nests in Canada each year. Most human-related bird deaths (about 99%) are caused by impacts of feral and pet cats, and collisions with […]

Jun 042013
Why the lynx effect would send Scotland wild

As Edinburgh Zoo’s panda freakshow continues to captivate the witless and the infantile, a real Scottish animal has been allowed to die. Under the noses of Scottish Natural Heritage, which likes to be known as the nation’s leading conservation body, the Scottish wildcat has all but been extinguished from the Highlands. The importance of this […]

Dec 072012
Prince Georges County Council Ignores Slaughter of Wildlife – Chooses Protection of Feral Cats

American Bird Conservancy (ABC), one of the nation’s leading bird conservation groups, has denounced a Prince George’s County, Maryland “Ear-Tipped Cats” bill that was passed by the county Council yesterday. The bill will result in increased wildlife mortality at the hands of ever increasing numbers of free-roaming, predatory, ownerless cats. Despite the fact that opponents […]

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