Dec 022017
Important new breeding sites of mythical ibis discovered

It has had a dramatic history and was almost lost to extinction. Now this Critically Endangered bird is bouncing back with record breeding success in Morocco in 2017. As the day drew to a close, the orange light reflecting from the Atlantic seemed to soften the texture of the sun-baked Moroccan cliffs so much so […]

Feb 162015
Northern Bald Ibises Take Turns When Flying in V-Shaped Formation

Migrations are inherently risky for birds. Previous studies have suggested that up to 35 percent of juvenile birds can die of exhaustion on their first migration. Flying in V-shaped or echelon formation can help to save vital energy: it is estimated geese can make energy savings of 10-14 percent by gaining lift from flying in […]

Dec 102013
Scientists bring the northern bald ibis back to Europe after 300 years

The northern bald ibis (Geronticus eremita), also called the hermit ibis or waldrapp, is a migratory bird. Once, the bald ibis lived in the Middle East, northern Africa and southern and central Europe, but due to hunting, loss of habitat and pesticide-use, the birds disappeared from most of these areas and is currently considered Critically […]

Sep 212013
Record season for Morocco’s Northern Bald Ibises

The largest fully wild population of Critically Endangered Northern Bald Ibis Geronticuseremita has had its second most successful breeding season on record, with the number of breeding pairs at its highest since surveys began in the 1980s. The colonies at Souss-Massa National Park and nearby Tamri, in south-west Morocco, fledged 148 young, bringing the total […]