Greater Rhea Rhea americana

Greater Rhea Rhea americana

Rhea americana has a large range in north-east and south-east Brazil, east Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and north-east and east Argentina. This species qualifies as Near Threatened as its population is believed to have declined at a rate approaching the threshold for classification as Vulnerable. Factsheet: Greater Rhea Rhea americana (NT)  

Sep 182016
World’s biggest birds are stellar dads and unusual lovers

When Nathan Young asked “What’s the difference between an emu and an ostrich?” Weird Animal Question of the Week decided to explore the whole group to which those birds belong, the flightless ratites. As you’ll see, these birds are odd ducks (though there isn’t a duck in the bunch). Big Birds Don’t Fly The ratites […]

Dec 262014
Ñandú (Greater Rhea) Rhea americana

Recorrer el Sur de la Provincia de Misiones ofrece mas que interesantes oportunidades de poder observar aves de distintos ambientes debido a las particularidades de este ambiente de transición; es común encontrar aves de pastizales, aves acuáticas, y aves selváticas. Una de las mejores experiencias en el campo es el encontrarse con el imponente Ñandú […]

Jan 082014
Big Bird: South America's Greater Rhea

At up to six feet tall and 60 pounds, the Greater Rhea is the largest bird in the Americas. A member of the group commonly known as ratites (large, flightless birds), their large size, long legs, and lack of ability to fly makes them unmistakable. Although they don’t take flight, Greater Rheas have long wings; […]

Dec 132012
Bolivia Trip Report Part I

Bolivia is an extremely diverse country when it comes to birds. In fact, some say that if it wasn’t land-locked it would have more species than any other country. Endemism is not especially high but there are some stunners to search for such as the Red-fronted Macaw and Black-hooded Sunbeam. The country lacks a field […]

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