Jun 012017
POLL: Should a "Lights Out" program be enforced to save migratory birds?

Imagine arriving to work and finding nearly 400 dead birds on the ground. That’s precisely what happened at the American National Insurance building in Galveston, Texas, on May 4, 2017. In a single night, hundreds of migrating birds slammed into the side of the skyscraper. All but three found on the ground died. The birds […]

May 172016
Pacific Golden-Plover At Everglades Agricultural Area

Corey Callaghan was birding the sod fields at Six Mile Bend in Palm Beach County during the afternoon of 9 April 2016 and found a Pacific Golden-Plover which became the first Florida record for the species.         The sunrise above (image 1) was photographed at Everglades Agricultural Area in April 2016. Tom […]

May 032013
Little guys

Welcome! hello there! I’d write more but my hands are frozen and typing is no fun (excuses, excuses, eh? Mmhmm)! Yeah…Texas, what? 35 degrees this morning? I do not approve. I’m craving my happy-thriving temperature of 84 and above. This 30’s thing this is pretty unacceptable. I’m not made for this nonsense, guys! But hey, […]