Navajo Horse

I don’t pretend to understand the full extent of the importance of the horse to the Navajo culture. What I have learned, however, is that the horse has been an integral part of the Navajo culture for centuries. Even today, the Navajo horse is important and can be seen throughout Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. […]

Frank Comisar

Frank Comisar

Frank Comisar is a nature photographer who loves to help others make beautiful photographs. His photography interests are varied and range from landscapes to wildlife. He shoots landscapes, wildlife, and nature for the purpose of capturing a moment in time that when revisited, portrays the natural beauty of the places visited and the creatures that live there. His goal is to not merely provide a visual and technical documentation of the scene in front of the lens. Rather, it is to render the scene in an artistic and creative way that not only provides context to the image, but also captures the feeling and essence of the moment.

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