Jul 042013
Collars Protect Elephants in South Sudan

Though they may qualify as the world’s biggest, the collars worn by the elephants of South Sudan are anything but showy. These GPS devices will help give these animals a chance for survival as threats from ivory poachers increase. In late May and early June, staff from WCS and South Sudan’s Ministry of Wildlife Conservation […]

Jul 012013
The neglected giraffe: world's tallest animal in need of conservation assistance

Just two year’s before his assassination, Julius Caesar brought to Rome one of the world’s most astonishing living creatures: a giraffe. The animal was among Caesar’s spoils from his campaign in Egypt and according to the Roman writer, Dio, the giraffe, which was arguably the first to ever touch European soil, was paraded in the […]

Apr 302013
Lost World revealing its stripes

With the ever-increasing globalization and homogenization of our world it is a miracle that some relatively unexplored places are still left on the face of the earth. South Sudan is one such place. Torn by civil wars for the larger part of the past century, the state has only gained its independence in 2011. With […]

Apr 292013
Beautiful striped bat is the "find of a lifetime" (photos)

Scientists have uncovered a rare, brilliantly-striped bat in the South Sudan that has yielded new secrets after close study. Working in Bangangai Game Reserve during July of last year, biologist DeeAnn Redeer and conservationist Adrian Garsdie with Fauna & Flora International (FFI) came across an unmissable bat, which has been dubbed by various media outlets […]

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