Jun 302012
Banded Pitta @ Southern Thailand

Banded Pitta… A Bird-Photo Jewel Pittas are fascinating birds that hope around the forest floors in tropical Asia and Australasia, with a couple of species found in Africa. The Banded Pitta (Pitta guajana) it’s located in the Thai-Malay Peninsula and the Greater Sundas (except the Island of Sulawesi, in Indonesia). In Thailand, one can only […]

Jun 302012
But... I came here for the parrots!

Karen, my wife, and I have been traveling to Guyana for the past ten years. Working to establish a viable ecotourism effort run by the Macushi people we hoped to provide some relief for the parrot population which has been legally trapped for the pet trade. In our travels we have endeavored to bring a […]

Jun 302012
Costa Rica, a Holiday with Nature, Part 3 of 3

The Arenal Observatory Lodge has several feeders to attract birds and they did their job. I was able to photograph honeycreepers, tanagers, oropendola, woodpeckers and more. The bird feeders also attracted White-nosed Coatis which fed on the scraps. These bold creatures would walk right into the restaurant if given a chance. There is an extensive […]

Jun 302012
In Honor of the Anhinga

Anhinga Some of the shots of the Anhinga taken at Dora Lake, Mt. Dora,Florida. This pose reminds me of a prehistoric bird still in existence among us. Taken with the Canon 60D at ISO 200, at 18mm f/8, at 1/250 sec. Anhinga Taken at Dora Lake, Mt. Dora,Florida. Anhingas can more often be seen alone, […]

Jun 292012
The Osprey in Scotland Pandion haliaetus

Aviemore is arguably Scotland’s premier skiing resort in the winter months, but during the summer the area is visited by large numbers of tourists hoping to see one of Scotland’s biggest summer attractions, the very beautiful fish hawk or to give it its real name, the osprey. The osprey was extinct in Scotland since 1916 […]

Jun 292012
Unusual tern settled in Llanelli, Wales

Squally weather blows rare gull-billed tern off course to WWT Llanelli June 2012. Birders are flocking (Why do birders always flock? Why don’t they migrate, slime or even ponce?) to WWT NationalWetland Centre Wales at Llanelli to see an extremely rare gull-billed tern who has taken up residence. It is thought the recent squally weather […]

Jun 292012
Best Photo of the Week Ended 23 Jun 2012

We are pleased to present the winners of our most recent “Best Photo of the Week” Competition. First Prize goes to Don Getty for his photo entitled “Collared Aracari”, Second Prize to John Andrew Wright for “Narcissus Flycatcher” and the Third Prize shared by Julie Brown for “Adult Burrowing Owl” and Raymond Barlow for Spot-winged tit  (see images […]

Jun 292012
Birds from the Caribbean

Believe it or not, this Least Grebe is looking at a dragonfly. These birds are extremely carnivorous. They are plungers and chase prey very quickly. They are more skillful under water than above. This one was shot in San Juan, Puerto Rico using a Canon 60D, a 100-400 Canon L zoom lens at ISO 800 […]

Jun 282012
Odd Black Skimmer Behavior

On April 30, 2008 I was photographing Black Skimmer (Rynchops niger) on the north beach of Fort De Soto when one of the birds started exhibiting a behavior that I had not seen in Black Skimmers before. There are times when the male Black Skimmer passes a fish, leaf or twig to the female skimmer […]

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