Nov 302013
Martín pescador chico, Green kingfisher, Chloroceryle americana

Que bronca que me agarré el primero de Noviembre en el Arroyo Itá !!!!! luego de esperar casi una hora en la sombra con un buen posadero a mi alcance a que algo se acerque y se pose para poder sacar una buena foto decidí cruzar el puente peatonal de la reserva para ir del […]

Nov 292013
POLL: Should the US ban the import and export of tiger bone wine?

China is allowing the use of the bones of captive-bred tigers to be used as a tonic wine, even though the practice has been illegal since 1993. The government justifies this practice by claiming they are captive tigers- not wild ones. But they were obviously wild at some point and taken from the wild. It […]

Nov 292013
Results of the Best Photo of the Week Ended 23 Nov 2013

We are delighted to announce the RESULTS of our latest “Best Photo of the Week” Competition. First Prize is awarded to Nancy Elwood for her outstanding photo ‘Flight of the Roseate Spoonbill’. Nitin Jain wins Second Prize with ‘Fishing together’ and Third Prize goes to Howard Cheek for ‘Headwaters’ (see images below). The voting for all […]

Nov 282013
Meet the Government Agency Using Your Tax Dollars to Kill Wildlife

They’re like a government kill team that targets wildlife — and our tax dollars are keeping them in business. Who are they? A little-known government agency called Wildlife Services. This rogue agency spends tens of millions of taxpayer funds to kill over 100,000 defenseless wild animals every year. And right now, they’re getting away with […]

Nov 282013
Birding the Gambia

For birders on a budget, or perhaps nervous first-timers to Africa, the Gambia offers some of the best of the continent’s bird life without the expense of a safari. This tiny West African country is not only the closest Sub-Saharan African destination to the UK but is also served by numerous package companies offering budget […]

Nov 282013
Longline fisheries in Costa Rica hook tens of thousands of sea turtles every year

Hundreds of kilometers of commercial fishing lines slither along coastal waters in Costa Rica, hooking thousands of mahi-mahi and many other marketable fish. But when scientists scrutinized fishermen’s catch, they were shocked by the staggering number of sea turtles accidentally snagged on the lines. A study published Aug. 20 in the Journal of Experimental Marine […]

Nov 272013
Collateral Damage

It’s well known that gamekeepers do their best to stop predators – like eagles, foxes, kites and others – from eating valuable game birds. Every grouse or pheasant is worth around £30-40 to an estate. But what is recently beginning to emerge is the extent to which gamekeepers in Scotland are persecuting mountain hares. There […]

Nov 272013
Take Action to Bring Back the Greater Sage-Grouse

Great news! A national effort is underway to conserve the magnificent Greater Sage-Grouse, known for its spectacular mating dance. You can be part of this effort to finally reverse declining grouse populations, while providing for sustainable use of public lands and a legacy of protected landscapes. What’s at stake are the rapidly disappearing wide-open spaces […]

Nov 262013
Nearly half a million seabirds die in gillnets every year, but solutions exist

A recent study from the Biological Conservation journal brings shocking news: every year across the globe, an estimated 400,000 seabirds are killed by gillnets. Gillnets, a common term for any net used to entangle and catch fish, are used all over the world, and at any depth. These nets, whether used in subsistence or commercial […]

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