Jun 302014
A Bestiary : Songbirds ~ Vireos ~ Blue-headed Vireo

The Blue-headed Vireo, Vireosolitariesis one of the two vireos that breed in our gardens at Flower Hill Farm in Western Massachusetts. The large white spectacles give this vireo away along with the blue-gray hood and cape it dons. Two wing bars and a splash of yellow on his side adds to the beauty ofthis small […]

Jun 302014
Meet the best wildlife photographers on © WildFocus

WildFocus is rapidly becoming one of the most popular, photo-sharing websites, and membership is open to all wildlife photographers. It not only allows easy upload and organization of your photos, it also allows unlimited storage space and sharing options. It’s easy to register your details and there’s no approval process, so you’ll be creating your […]

Jun 292014
Miss Blue-tailed - dinner's ready!!

Prédation chez les libellules: Ishcnure élégante “casse la croûte” de bébé portecoupe! Ishnure elegans VS Enallagma cyathigerum Non, rien de barbare dans cette scène parfaitement normale dans le monde des odonates où une libellule en mange une autre! Les Agrions portecoupes sont extrêment nombreux et sont donc souvent et facilement prédatés, par d’autres odonates entre […]

Jun 282014
Florida’s Little Plovers

Since I moved to Florida and became interested in birding, I’ve wanted to get good photos of all the little plovers that show up in Florida on a regular basis. I found most of these plovers without much trouble, but Snowy Plovers have eluded me. They’ve been somewhat of a nemesis bird for me, until […]

Jun 272014
Terrific Twinspot

I have just returned from a visit to an exciting new photographic reserve in South Africa called “Zimanga”. Besides spending time on foot with an awesome pack of African Wild Dogs and a relaxed male cheetah, the reserve also boasts some new established and in-progress specialist photography hides, built in consultation with Bence Mate from […]

Jun 272014
Japan kills 30 minke whales in first hunt since UN court order

Japan has killed 30 minke whales off its north-east coast, in the first hunt since the UN’s top court ordered Tokyo to stop killing the animals in the Antarctic, the government said. The Japanese whaling fleet that left the north-eastern fishing town of Ayukawa in April completed its mission last week, the country’s fisheries agency […]

Jun 262014

Vorige week voor de tweede keer in een hutje gezeten om het wel en wee van een steenuilen familie te kunnen bekijken. Dit steenuilen paartje heeft twee jonge uilskuikens in het nest die bijna zover zijn om uit te vliegen. Ook voor de eerste keer gezien dat er een muis gevangen werd en uiteraard ook […]

Jun 262014
Elachuridae: Ornithologists Describe New Family of Passerine Birds

A group of ornithologists led by Dr Trevor Price of the University of Chicago has described a new family of birds that is represented by just one species, the Spotted wren-babbler. The Spotted wren-babbler is a small perching bird found in China, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.       This bird […]

Jun 252014
Video: Polar Bear Cam Provides Unique View into Arctic Life

It looks like the famed Panda Cam at the National Zoo has a new rival. Recently-released footage of a polar bear in the Arctic is giving scientists and polar bear-enthusiasts alike a glimpse into the elusive lives of these endangered animals—and giving pandas at the National Zoo a run for their money. The clip, released […]

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