Jan 312015
VOTE for the Best Photo of the Week 31 Jan 2015

Welcome to the “Best Photo of the Week” competition showcasing and celebrating the biodiversity of Planet Earth. This week’s featured image: Black-cheeked Woodpecker (Melanerpes pucherani) perched on a branch in Costa Rica by Glenn Bartley Voting is easy and lots of fun. First click an image and browse through the slideshow. Then select the three images […]

Jan 302015
Video: Gaupe - Lynx

Lynx at Langedrag WildlifePark, Buskerud County, Norway – There are more than 20 different animal species, including rare wild animals like the wolf, lynx and arctic fox. Visitors can get close contact with most of the animals during feeding time. Gaupe på Langedrag Naturpark, i Buskerud, Norge – Parken har mange forskjellige dyrearter og det […]

Jan 302015
Rare Shark That Inspired Sea Monster Myths Is Caught

This frilled shark was pulled up from the waters off Australia this week, offering a rare look at a deep-sea creature. With its gaping, tooth-filled mouth and its slender, eel-like body, it’s not hard to see why scientists think the frilled shark may have inspired ancient tales of sea monsters. Looking like something out of […]

Jan 292015
Zimbabwe plans to sell baby elephants to global buyers

Tourists said they heard the families scattered by gunshots. They made for easy targets: great, grey figures stark against the golden grass. As the animals began to stampede, their terrified babies, unable to keep up, were roped together and taken away. Their capture tore apart families that in the wild could be separated only by […]

Jan 282015
Video: The Wild and Rowdy World of the Northern Gannet

Each year, vast numbers of these iconic sea birds gather in breeding colonies on islands off the Atlantic coast of Canada. In this video you’re invited to accompany me as we explore the daily life of these amazing, raucous, and gregarious sea birds. This video was originally produced for the Perfect Day Factory.     […]

Jan 282015
Testing cattle better than culling badgers to control bovine TB

Frequent testing of cattle is a far more effective way of controlling bovine tuberculosis (TB) than culling badgers, research suggests. A new computer simulation showed that vigilant cattle testing can eventually eradicate the disease whether or not badgers are culled. Badger culling alone did not lead to TB eradication, according to the model. The research […]

Jan 272015
Desert Ducks

There are some new man-made lakes that have recently been created to the South East of Dubai. They are still a way from becoming established sites and for some reason the authorities have introduced feral species from around the world leading to strange sights of birds that would normally never co-exist ! It has already […]

Jan 262015
WildFocus - the Photo Forum with a Difference!

Have you been frustrated by the tedious process of registration, searching for the validation email, losing your password and then having to create a new one? With WildFocus you can now sign in using your social media account. e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, AOL, LinkedIn or WordPress. Featured image: Green Kingfisher (Chloroceryle americana) perched on […]

Jan 262015
Poll: Should wolves be slaughtered to save caribou?

The BC government has launched a wolf kill program, blaming the wolves for the drastic decline of caribou, a decline which is actually caused by habitat destruction. So is the wolf kill a solution? Killing wolves will not bring the caribou back in the absence of adequate habitat protection for caribou. Culling intelligent, social animals […]

Jan 252015
Video: A natural wonder - the sardine run

Watch the frenzy of excitement as an army of ocean predators, from dolphins and humpback whales to dive-bombing gannets, pursue the vast mobile feast that is the Sardine Run. Cameraman Bart Lukasik digs into his archives to bring us a selection of last year’s most breathtaking footage from the epic migration.     This video […]

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