Dec 312015
Results of the Best Photo of the Year 2015 Competition

We are delighted to announce the results of the “Best Photo of the Year 2015” competition. Paul Benson wins First Prize for his brilliant capture “Trust”. Kath Aggiss wins Second Prize for her outstanding composition “Joyous “. Third Place goes to Maciej Olszewski for “Ghost of the Forest”.  See detailed results below: (click on thumbnails […]

Dec 312015
POLL: Should the US extend endangered species status to lions in Africa?

The US plans to extend its endangered species protection to lions in Africa, five months after an American dentist caused an international furore by killing Cecil, a famed lion which lived in Zimbabwe. US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) will classify lions in southern and eastern Africa as threatened, with those in the central and […]

Dec 302015
Growing parasite threat to finches made famous by Darwin

The birds that helped Charles Darwin refine his theory of evolution are in danger of going extinct, according to a new study. Finches in the Galapagos Islands are being threatened by a parasitic fly that attacks their young. A new mathematical model suggests that the birds may succumb to this pest in 50 years. But […]

Dec 302015
Rare Philippine eagle chick born in captivity; boosts hope for the species

On December 7, a tiny Philippine eagle hatchling was born at the Philippine Eagle Foundation’s (PEF) conservation center in thePhilippines. This is the twenty sixth eaglet born at the center in 23 years, and the first offspring of a female named Go Phoenix and a male named MVP Eagle. “This hatching is a big breakthrough […]

Dec 292015
Greater Hoopoe Lark taking advantage of hay bales – Ash Shargiyah Development Company Farm (Fadhili)

Greater Hoopoe Lark is known to take advantage of various items to help it regulate its temperature and slow down water loss during the heat of the day. Using the large burrows of Arabian Spiny-tailed Lizards to get out of the sun has been well documented as one way they achieve this. Whilst we were […]

Dec 292015
POLL: Should the European Union squirrel cull be stopped?

Politicians from the European Union have introduced a new law obliging the United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy to organise the killing of hundreds of thousands of grey squirrels, every year from 2016, using methods that include poisoning, bludgeoning to death or trapping and shooting. This horrid and inhumane “programme” is to be sponsored from the […]

Dec 282015
Video: Squirrels Mask Scent with Rattlesnake Skin

In the popular TV series “The Walking Dead” humans can hide from zombies by covering themselves in zombie guts, masking their scent. The California ground squirrel (Otospermophilus beecheyi) uses a similar tactic to hide from a major predator, the rattlesnake, which relies on smell to track down its prey.            

Dec 282015
POLL: Should bear hunting in New Jersey be banned?

Louis Webber has shot a black bear. He proudly poses with the animal as it is weighed, the butt of his shotgun wedged in his armpit. The tableau is punctured by the shouts of a handful of people who are holding placards. “You’re a piece of shit,” a man yells at Webber. “You’re garbage. A […]

Dec 272015
Arasarí fajado (Chestnut-eared Aracari) Pteroglossus castanotis

Hace un tiempo atrás el amigo Amado Martinez rescató un Arasarí fajado que había sufrido un percance chocando contra una ventana de una casa en la zona de la costanera de Posadas. Luego de tenerlo en su casa alimentándolo esperó hasta el día Sábado siguiente para ir a liberarlo con Willy al Complejo Don Rodolfo […]

Dec 272015
POLL: Should the ban on fox hunting be relaxed in the UK?

More than 300 hunts gathering for Boxing Day met on Saturday amid growing parliamentary opposition from Conservative MPs to repealing the ban on hunting foxes with packs of hounds. The traditional outings, expected to attract around 250,000 riders and supporters, are usually portrayed by the Countryside Alliance as a symbol of mass protest against the […]

Dec 262015
How the robin's red breast could be the key to colours that never fade

Sheffield scientists now know why kingfishers catch fire, robins are red, and jays are blue: the pattern of colour on a bird’s wing may have nothing to do with pigment, and everything to do with feather structure on a scale of billionths of a metre. The research has a potential pay-off for fabric manufacturers and […]

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