Oct 312016
POLL: Should lion canned hunting be banned?

Some 8,000 lions bred for the sole purpose of being hunted are kept on game ranches in South Africa. Every year thousands of hunters – mostly Americans – pay handsomely to kill these lions within the confines of walls and fences, a practice known as canned lion hunting. But starting today they’ll no longer be […]

Oct 302016
Cuervillo cara pelada (Bare-faced Ibis) Phimosus infuscatus

En contadas ocasiones y vaya a saber por que motivo, los Cuervillos cara pelada abandonan la comodidad de su hábitat para regalarnos poses interesantes a los fotógrafos. A veces perchan en los postes del costado del camino quizás con la finalidad de aprovechar mejor los rayos de sol para calentarse un poco el cuerpo cuando […]

Oct 302016
Tasmanian devil milk fights superbugs

Milk from Tasmanian devils could offer up a useful weapon against antibiotic-resistant superbugs, according to Australian researchers. The marsupial’s milk contains important peptides that appear to be able to kill hard-to-treat infections, including MRSA, say the Sydney University team. Experts believe devils evolved this cocktail to help their young grow stronger. The scientists are looking […]

Oct 292016
Largest every flock of Spur-winged Lapwing in Saudi Arabia - Haradh

Whilst birding the large Pivot Irrigation fields of Haradh on 14 October Phil Roberts and I came across large numbers of Spur-winged Lapwing Vanellus spinosus. This was a surprise as the species is seldom recorded in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The largest recorded flocks in Kingdom have been 61 at Todhia farm, 27 […]

Oct 292016
Crested lark

Galerida cristata – Everybody knows the Disney cartoon character Beep beep inspired by the American Roadrunner… well to me this is the bird that resembles it the most in Europe!! It is usually common in Spain but this summer it seemed they were fewer. Cochevis huppé – A mon avis voici l’oiseau qui s’en approche […]

Oct 282016
Autumn Migrant

Out on the local reserve at Titchwell, Norfolk on the tide line there were some small groups of Sanderlings and one or two Turnstone.  In one of the groups I spotted a bird sporting a number of rings and flags on its’ legs. Intrigued by the rings and keen to find out a bit more about the bird, I contacted the International […]

Oct 282016
POLL: Should Japan face sanctions for continuing "scientific whaling"?

Australia has thrown its weight behind a bid to outlaw large-scale commercial and so-called “scientific” whaling at a summit next week. The International Whaling Commission meeting in Slovenia follows Japan’s recent slaughter of more than 300 minke whales, many of them pregnant, when they resumed so-called scientific whaling after a hiatus because the International Court […]

Oct 272016
World's mammals being eaten into extinction, report warns

Hundreds of mammal species – from chimpanzees to hippos to bats – are being eaten into extinction by people, according to the first global assessment of the impact of human hunting. Bushmeat has long been a traditional source of food for many rural people, but as roads have been driven into remote areas, large-scale commercial […]

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