Nov 302016
Coming Home from Uganda

I’ve spent the last two weeks in Uganda. I finished my packing during the heady days of the World Series and the glorious aftermath of my beloved Chicago Cubs winning it all, and left the morning after my hometown held a parade that drew an estimated five million people, united in a way Americans never […]

Nov 302016
Champions of high-altitude flight

From the roof of Chiu monastery, perched high on its rocky hill, the water of Lake Manasarovar was cobalt, the surrounding hills rich ochre, luminous in the sunlight of a late autumn afternoon. With a shoreline 55 miles (90km) long, and at an altitude of more than 4,500 metres (15,000ft), this is one of the […]

Nov 292016
Pygmy Owl

I kept to Maridalen again (and why not?). Much was the same as yesterday with the Scaup and Tufteds still on the lake but in a different bay (water levels have risen quite a lot after recent rain so feeding conditions may be changing). The recent rain combined with a return to freezing temperatures left […]

Nov 292016
POLL: Should the bear bile trade ban be strictly enforced?

In 2005, the Vietnamese government made it illegal to extract bile from bears. But the illegal trade in bear bile and gall bladder is still going strong, more than ten years after the ban, according to a new report. The unending demand for bear parts is driving two bear species — Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus) […]

Nov 282016
Take me to the place where the white boys dance...

To kick off this post, I have to apologise to the band “The Killers”, whose song title made a perfect title for this photo and its resulting blog post. As you may know, we recently returned from an amazing family safari-camping-roadtrip through some of the most iconic places in Namibia. One of the destinations was […]

Nov 282016
Hawaiian honeycreeper birds at risk of extinction from avian malaria

In the rugged mountain forests of Kaua’i, colorful birds called honeycreepers are dying out. Usually protected by the cooler temperatures found at higher altitudes, the birds are now victims of malaria-carrying mosquitoes that have crept upward as temperatures rise. Honeycreeper populations declined an average of 68 percent in the core of their preferred range on […]

Nov 272016
Yetapá de collar (Strange-tailed Tyrant) Alectrurus risora

Año 2016….Provincia de Corrientes….Ruta 40 pasando Colonia Pelegrini; un nuevo registro para el grupo de esta emblemática especie de ave de pastizal. En los últimos 100 años el Yetapá de collar (Alectrurus risora, Tyrannidae) ha reducido su distribución original en un 90% debido a la desaparición de los pastizales naturales de Argentina. En la actualidad […]

Nov 272016
British farmland bird bounces back from brink of extinction

One of Britain’s most threatened farmland birds has reached a major milestone in its recovery from the brink of extinction, figures show. A nationwide survey by the RSPB shows the UK population of the cirl bunting – a small, finch-like bird – has reached 1,078 pairs after numbering just 118 in 1989. The RSPB said […]

Nov 262016
Lechuza estriada (Mottled Owl) Strix virgata

Nuestras salidas nocturnas de observación y fotografía de aves por el sur de nuestra provincia comenzaron a rendir sus frutos; días pasados los amigos Javier Lucho y Nico mientras recorrían nuestros lugares habituales que estamos reelevando pudieron encontrarse por primera vez con una espectacular lechuza estriada. Antes de la medianoche del día 09 de Octubre […]

Nov 252016
Wintering Greater Spotted Eagles – near Jubail

At least seven Greater Spotted Eagles Clanga clanga were recorded at a wetland site near Jubail in mid-November. Birds winter at a number of sites in Saudi Arabia with the Jubail area the best for the species in the Eastern province. In winter birds are almost always near wetland areas with large areas where they […]

Nov 252016
7 stunning forest birds we could soon lose forever

Deforestation, either to meet global demand for timber, or so land can be converted for agricultural use, is one of the biggest threats to bird biodiversity across the world. Over 60% of all bird species worldwide require forest habitats, and BirdLife estimates that figure includes some 76% of globally-threatened bird species. BirdLife and its Partners […]

Nov 252016
Golden Spectacled Bear (The real Paddington bear)

By: Michael Tweddle Lucky to share this natural instinct by enjoying and admiring wildlife. Life has led me to travel to such places that when I was a child taught me characters as Jacques Cousteau and TV documentaries such as the National Geographic, Transtel Cologne and BBC among others. Happy today, after thirty years taking […]

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