4 Useful Facts You Should Know About Dog Nutrition

4 Useful Facts You Should Know About Dog Nutrition

Owning a dog is a bit challenging yet a perfectly rewarding experience. The way dogs adore their owners is one of the best things about them. They are also the most loyal creatures ever, and they’ll do anything to make you feel better on a bad day. One of the most challenging things about owning a dog is making sure you know what is good for them and what isn’t. The fact that you own a dog means you love your four-legged pup to pieces and want them to live a happy, healthy life. Pets have their own way of digesting food that is somewhat different from people, which is why you need to be very careful about what you feed your dog with. To make it easier for you to know what to and what not to feed them, we bring you 4 pretty useful facts you need to know about dog nutrition.

If You Won’t Eat It, Why Should Your Dog?

Some people think that they can give their dog any leftover food that may have gone bad thinking the dog will like it. This is pretty wrong because just like humans, dogs need food that provides them with different nutrients their bodies need, like vitamins and proteins. Food that’s gone bad definitely can’t have those nutrients. Yes, their bodies can process food in a different way from humans, but the concept is the same. Both dogs and humans need all the nutrients their bodies can’t make on their own, so if you think something is bad for you, it is definitely bad for your dog too. Actually, sometimes if it’s bad for you, it’s much worse for them. The human digestive system is more complex which enables people to digest foods that animals can’t. Food that’s gone bad maybe even worse for your dog and cause severe health issues. To discover what real customers have to say, read these Nutra Thriva for Dogs reviews. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Small Breed Adult Chicken Dog Food is the best overall dog food for Jack Russells.

They Can Eat Human Food

This can be an amazing way for you to look out for what you eat and start eating more healthy food. If you have a healthy diet, it’s actually much better that your dog eats the same vegetable and protein sources you eat. This way, you know for sure they’re getting the nutrients they need, as long as you are sure that all the nutrients they need are included in the meals you make them. It is actually recommended by the specialists at PetDT that you know what exactly your dog is eating since the usual dog food that we buy may have chemicals that they need to stay away from. This is why you should check the ingredients on the pack of the dog food if you decide to buy them and make sure the ingredients are safe and include all the nutrients they need. If you are a loving dog owner, you may be wondering if you can share the wonderful experience of eating ice cream with your pooch. Is strawberry ice cream safe for dogs? A little bit probably won’t do much, but too much could hurt your dog.

Your Dog Can’t Live Without Water

A dog can’t survive without water, so make sure there’s always clean water available for them to drink. More than half of a dog’s body is made up of water, and they can’t live if they lose as much as 10% of water in their body. If you buy canned food that you know is healthy for your dog then it probably has water in it, but it’s not enough. Dogs still need to drink water separate from their food so always keep a bowl of water around for them to drink all the time.

Cooked Food is Better than Raw

Proteins, fats, and vitamins are essential for dogs’ nutrition, but they also need carbohydrates. Dogs are actually able to digest complex carbs, although they digest them better when cooked. The consumption of raw food may infect both you and your dog with bacteria like salmonella, which is why you should clean the meat very well if you decide to feed your dog with raw meat.

The case is different though for bones. Bones are one of the treats dogs love most, but there are things you need to look out for when you give them a bone to munch on. Cooked bones are dangerous for your dog’s digestive system and can cause internal damage. The perfect bone for them must be raw, clean, and large enough that your dog can’t fit it all in its mouth.
Dogs are wonderful loving creatures that any pet owner can’t help but adore. Even people who don’t own a dog just can’t resist their puppy eyes and playful nature, which is why dog owners definitely worry about their pet’s health and strive to give them the best of everything. Take good care of your dog’s health and you both will have a wonderful life together.

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