Rob Belterman

Rob Belterman

Rob Belterman has been working in Rotterdam Zoo since 1978, and is based in the Netherlands. His project activity encompasses the genetics (chromosomes) of birds and mammals, sexing European White Storks for re-introduction in the Netherlands, Bearded Vultures in Austria, and Cinereous Vultures in Mallorca. He coordinates two European Endangered Species Programmes for Red-crowned Cranes and Siberian Cranes. Rob is an enthousiastic bird photographer and always takes his camera with him when travelling.

Aug 262012
Spotted Crake - Porzana porzana

Spotted Crake – Porzana porzana – South-Holland Province, Netherlands Several years ago some farmlands in our country have been changed into “natural” area’s. This as a compensation for the development of residential and industrial area’s. Mostly this new area’s are developed as combination for nature and recreation. They often have walk-through path’s and the bigger […]

Jun 282012
Very sad and bad news from the Okapi Conservation Project

Following the attack on Sunday morning by mai mai rebels on the Institute in the Congo for Conservation of Nature (ICCN) headquarters and Okapi Conservation Project base of operations in Epulu it was 48 hours later on Tuesday morning when the Congolese Army (FARDC) and Monusco (UN) troops finally took control of the area around […]

May 202012
Coot Free-Fight

During a great part of the year coots can be very social and you can find them living together peacefully in larger flocks. In the breeding season however, they are very territorial and they are chasing away all other coots, and other waterbirds, out of their territory. This time I was at the right place/time […]

Apr 152012

End of March the Bluethroats are returning to the reed fields from their wintering sites. Males arrive first and start to build their territory by singing from high positions.