Parakeet, Kakariki, sp Cyanoramphus

Parakeets Red Crowned, Cyanoramphus novaezelandai Yellow Crowned, Cyanoramphus auriceps Audio Clip is a group of parakeet “socialisingAudio Clip is a group of parakeet “socialising” We have two species of parakeet on Stewart Island. Red Crowned and the slightly smaller Yellow Crowned. And in fact neither Iris nor I can ever remember seeing Yellow Crowned anywhere […]

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Aurora Australis

Aurora The Southern Lights Yesterday morning I noticed a news report of a significant solar flare event which was expected to give us a good Aurora display. Well last night was completely clouded in, but tonight Iris & I went up onto Observation Rock and the above photo is a composite of 10 frames. Exposure […]

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Wood Pigeon, Kukupa (Kereru), Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae

Kukupa/Kereru [flowplayer src=’′ width=640 height=480 splashend=show splash=’’ autoplay=false] Wood Pigeon “coo”. Normally each call would be maybe 10 seconds apart. I have compressed for convenience. I hear this only occasionally, and generally late summer / autumn. R09_0002 Southern Maori referred to our native pigeon as Kukupa, although the more common “Kereru” of Northern Maori is […]

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