British Woman Pleads Guilty in Shocking Global Monkey Torture Network Case

British Woman Pleads Guilty in Shocking Global Monkey Torture Network Case

A British woman has pleaded guilty to her involvement in a global monkey torture network. Holly LeGresley, 37, from Kidderminster, admitted to being part of a private online group that orchestrated unspeakable acts of cruelty against defenseless baby monkeys, including setting them on fire and putting them in blenders.

Operating under the chilling alias ‘The Immolator’, LeGresley utilized the messaging app Telegram to facilitate brainstorming sessions, crowdfunding, and commissions for the torture and killing of these innocent animals.

Shockingly, she even conducted polls among group members to decide on the method of torture to be inflicted upon the infant monkeys.

LeGresley’s guilty plea was entered at the Worcester Magistrates’ Court, where she is set to be sentenced on June 7.

The severity of her crimes has left even seasoned investigators appalled. Kevin Lacks-Kelly, the head of the UK National Wildlife Crime Unit, expressed his disgust, labeling this case as unequivocally the worst he has encountered throughout his 22 years of investigating wildlife crimes.

Sarah Kite, co-founder of Action for Primates, who played a significant role in uncovering the group’s activities, described LeGresley as deriving enjoyment from the terror and pain of helpless infant monkeys.

The depth of depravity exhibited in facilitating such horrific acts of torture and killing has appalled even those with extensive experience in wildlife protection.

The group was reportedly led by US national Mike Macartney, known by the alias ‘Torture King’, and included individuals from various countries.

Macartney has already pleaded guilty to animal abuse charges in the US and faces a potential five-year prison sentence.

Another woman, Adriana Orme, 55, is also implicated in the network and faces charges of publishing an obscene article and causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

These shocking revelations emerged following an undercover investigation by the BBC, which exposed the existence of these barbaric gangs. As a result, at least 20 individuals are now under investigation, with arrests made not only in the UK but also in the US and Indonesia.

This article by Trinity Sparke was first published by One Green Planet on 9 May 2024. Image Credit :Shkedova Liubov/Shutterstock.

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