Elephants take revenge after hunter shoots herd member dead while being told ‘hit it between the eyes’

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A hunter who shot dead a majestic elephant from close range, turned and ran away when the animal’s herd started charging towards him.

In the distressing footage a man can be seen taking aim as the herd of young and old elephants walk by.

The hunter takes aim

Another man can be heard saying: “Hit it between the eyes.”

The man open fire, hitting the animal twice, before his guide shoots the animal a third time, and he falls to the floor.

But as the dying animal falls, some of the herd turn and start racing towards the hunter.

They can be seen charging and trumpeting as the scared men run away.

The clip was filmed in the Nakabolelwa Conservancy in Namibia about three to four years ago, according to big game hunter Corné Kruger.

Mr Kruger told News24 in South Africa: “I don’t know why it only surfaced now.

“There is a small quota of elephants in the area and we only hunt two elephants a year.”

He fires at the defenceless animals
The injured animal falls
The dying animal was shot again
They hear the animals trumpeting
The scared men turn to run
The herd chases them away
The elephants take their revenge

Kruger, who owns Omujeve Safaris, said had financially benefited the communities in the vicinity.

“We employ 12 people from the community, some of them as game guards,” he said.

“The funds go to conservation and fund anti- units,” Kruger said.

In South Africa’s alone, a total of 58 elephants were poached between January 1 and August 31, 2018.

According to the World Wide Fund for Nature, there are approximately 415,000 African elephants in the wild and the number is sharply declining due to the international .

This article was first published by The Mirror on 1 May 2019.

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David Parker
David Parker

To kill a beautiful creature more humble and noble than themselves is a crime against nature and the universe.

Karin Andersson

I would love to do the same to this moron to hunter!

Susan Fleshood Doby

This makes me SICK, SICK. He killed a MATRIARCH, THE ONE THAT TEACHES ALL THE REST THE BEST PLACES TO GO AND WHEN TO MOVE TO GREENER PASTURES. I Despise those hunters. Then just RAN AWAY. Leaaving the herd to Mourn the fallen Mother, Leader.

Heather Coloccia


Deborah Percival

I can’t watch this – but from the still-shot it does not look like ‘sport’ – is this really the way elephants are killed? Picked off while in a herd?? And then some ass thinks he’s got a trophy??!!

Arlene Steinberg
Arlene Steinberg

Yes. There is plenty of info on trophy hunting and canned hunting on the internet from responsible news sources. And organizations trying to stop it all. You should look into it. It’s your world.

Carole Knowlea

He should be caught and serve a long prison term.

Ilona Csatlos

Judy Croucher this is no sport never could killing be a sport anyone who says it is has serious issues. To have to have the need to kill something anything could be ANYONE once the wildlife runs out. What they going to hunt then Refugees Lybyan slaves the poor.

Mark Anayo Gumad-Ang

Stupid hunters you should be all hang to your death

Christine Minatelli

Other than scaring them…there was no revenge. Not “an eye for an eye” revenge.

Erin Melissa Warne

what did they expect

Raymond Vella

Hunters are real scum…..they need to be culled themselves. Bravo, killing with a big gun!

Karen King

This should banned world wide! A hole!

Joyce Dannheim

Yes elephants get all the poachers. Good job

Ilona Csatlos

Your hunting adds to the problem . You should be hunted and im so sorry that herd didnt catch you all and trample you into where you belong down deep in the earth where you and your sort have spilled too much blood from the animals that give us the ecosystem we live in
Shame on you all.
About time the Hunters were hunted out of existence once and for all. Nothing but blood lust and kill thrill. That is not a sprot its a sickness. Go join the usa army they enjoy killing innocents

Adrian Fox
Adrian Fox

Sickening! I find it incomprehensible to know what pleasure anyone can get from needlessly killing such a magnificient animal. What is wrong with just observing and enjoying them in their natural habitat?

Would they kill their felllow human beings just to get some similar adrenalin ‘rush’?


They would hunt humans if it was legal, of course they would..


Too bad the hunters didn’t get trampled to death……such cowards!

Linda Nash


Sara Leonard

Cowards with money, it’s just poaching for the rich. Hopefully they’ll come to a horrific end soon – hunting accident would be fitting.

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

If you want to hunt build a time machine and go back to the Stone Age, heartless losers

Hanne Flythe
Hanne Flythe

This is sick, and it makes me so angry!! I read it happened three years ago already. I just wish, having read this report, that the hunter had been killed by the rest of the herd of elephants!! Hunting is okay, but only if the animal meat is used for food. I hate hunting for pleasure, just to shoot and kill animals of any kind!!

Arlene Steinberg
Arlene Steinberg

NO ONE needs to hunt in this day and age. This is not the Wild West and people are not Daniel Boone.

Tami Miller

Elephants should have taken him DOWN!!!

Cathy Hull Hoffman


Tonia Vassila


Ronda Green
Ronda Green

Pity he didn’t have a heart attack while running away

Karen Yap

Goddamn it!

Barrie Collins

The elephants should have trampled the shooters! That guy calls himself a guide and hunter, he’s nothing more than a dirtbag! 3 shots to try and kill an elephant and they still didn’t do it! So sad!

Rakesh Arya

omg !!