Female trophy hunter poses with slaughtered bears and boasts about skinning them

Female trophy hunter poses with slaughtered bears and boasts about skinning them

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A woman who hunts and boasts about loving to skin them has hit back at online trolls, calling them uneducated hypocrites.

Hunter Alexandra Tyutchevam, 23, has been labelled a “cruel killer” online, while others have told her “I wish it was you lying there instead of the bear”.

Alexandra is unapologetic about her hobby and hopes to inspire other to embrace their passion.

The Russian university student said: “There are many people that don’t understand and throw hate at you whilst having zero knowledge on the topic.

“There can be comments that say, ‘I wish you were lying there instead of the bear,’ or, ‘you are a cruel killer’. Some have even my non-existent children who will ‘pay for that.”

“They don’t realise how influences our ecology. Proper management can increase the number of elephants in Africa for example by thousands or bighorn sheep in the US.

“It’s hypocritical to eat meat and then also criticise people who work hard to provide their own meat for themselves.

“I’m currently writing my bachelor’s degree thesis on in .”

Alexandra first started fishing and camping with her father when she was 12 years old and the started hunting together six years later.

“My father and I are very close. We spend a lot of time together hunting with our guests. My mum and three sisters don’t enjoy hunting but they support us. Hunting isn’t for everyone,” Alexandra said.

“In Russia, it’s not unusual to drive five hundred kilometres to go hunting especially if you live near a city so you don’t go very often.

“The biggest hunt I’ve had was a Kamchatka . We don’t weigh them but it must’ve been around two hundred and fifty kilograms.

Alexandra has been hunting since she was 18(Image: Mediadrumimages / @russian.huntr)
Alexandra holding her hand up next to a bear’s paw (Image: Mediadrumimages / @russian.huntr)
Alexandra says she loves to skin to animals (Image: Mediadrumimages / @russian.huntr)

“Hunting is a part of who I am now, it’s my hobby, my job, and my philosophy.”I love the strong connection I have to nature and the understanding of how things work in life.

She added: “You challenge yourself in harsh conditions, storms, rain, and snow but that’s just nature. You become more patient with experience.”

Alexandra hopes to inspire others to embrace their passion as she does hers.”Hunters, do not hide your passion or apologise for being a hunter,” she said.

“As for other people, do not judge something you don’t understand. Search for information and talk to people try to learn.”Curiosity and self-education is important.”

Lead Image Source: Alexandra posing with a bear she hunted (Image: Mediadrumimages / @russian.huntr)

This article was first published by The Mirror on 5 May 2020. “Focusing on Wildlife” does not support the killing of bears and strongly condemns and campaigns against trophy hunting.

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Irene Leggett
Irene Leggett

She’s nothing but a smirking, deranged, psychotic, deluded piece of human trash. Obviously learnt how to satisfy and justify her perversion for animal abuse, animal torture and animal killing…from her father. as a rotten apple never falls far from the tree……Lets hope one day, she meets an animal that WON’T just lie down and die, Karma payback at its best for such a vile, heartless POS.

Janet Kenedy

I hope someday soon there will be a Silent Drone Invented to automatically pick off those Sadistic Trophy Hunters and any other animal murderer!!.

Joyce Dixon Dannheim

I’d like to slap that smile right off her face

Alison Moanique

she is one sick human!

Doug Mauro

Another idiot.

Travis Taylor

Bear meat is good 🙂

Myrna Walsh
Myrna Walsh

There are bears that think human flesh is good. Perhaps we will be lucky enough for you to meet one some day soon.

M Leybra
M Leybra

Nothing could’ve offended this ostentatious, miscreant more than to have been totally ignored. Not given the satisfaction of being ‘noticed’ & an opportunity to fire back at the criticisms she was looking for. The fact, she refers to the planet’s ecology as “our” ecology is a dead giveaway to the egocentric mentality of all wealthy animal trophy hunters. Too bad for humanity in the end.

Janet Kenedy

Well Stated! Thank You!

Estefania Paillissé

Psychopath and sociopath smile in that context? empty look, white skin (not healthy, dead color) absence of feelings of sadness or guilt = affective anesthesia, superb smile, please have a family member accompany this girl to the psychiatrist need medication urgently

Susie Shelley Stanley

I have to question the sanity of a woman that does this. Its bad enough for men, but to me, for women its way, way worse.

Janet Kenedy

I think the same as you do.


Cold-blooded killer.
Vile person.
The animals she killed and continues to kill will come back to haunt her.
This should not be allowed in any country.
It should be illegal.
I wouldn’t shed a tear if she got terminal brain cancer and suffered a slow death like she deserves.

Anna Parkinson
Anna Parkinson

hideous, shocking, disgusting and wholly unacceptable that a woman claims ‘pride’ in such an act – she only deserves to be KILLED in place of taking such an innocent animal


Hunters enjoy watching things suffer and die. They enjoy inflicting pain on others – they LOVE IT. This is sick, pathological behavior. People who eat meat don’t realize that the killing is done for them in a slaughter house. We need to stop eating meat as a species – it is driving extinctions and condoning trophy hunting.

Janet Kenedy

I Agree!

Linda Badham
Linda Badham

Thick as s### . try shooting an ant , now that would be clever !


I wonder why she used the term “uneducated hypocrites”. I agree with the trolls that she is a bloodthirsty killer and there is nothing clever about killing a defenceless animal (what a shame they can’t shoot back). I have a law degree – so could hardly be called uneducated, and as I’m vegetarian and an animal lover – could hardly be called a hypocrite. Maybe she is the one who is uneducated??!! She should be locked up and prevented from advertising what she does as something to be proud of. It isn’t – it’s barbaric!

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

If you want to hunt build a time machine and go back to the Stone Age heartless loser


Rhetorical question: Whadda gonna do? People all over the world trophy hunt; I detest trophy hunters. It’s going to happen no matter how many conservation groups and Save Our Wildlife foundations rally against it; it’s inevitable. Trophy hunters are one small step beneath poachers. Next hunt the outcome might be different. If there is any consolation in this scenario, the bear is dead and not wandering around the Russian landscape wounded. C’est la vie.

Peter Martin
Peter Martin

This is a frighteningly defeatist attitude. It’s not ‘inevitable’ at all. It’s another facet of human society that needs correcting through education and, if necessary, by the imposition of laws. Thank goodness we didn’t take your attitude when slavery was abolished.