Four Ways to Prevent Your Saltwater Lures from Rusting

Four Ways to Prevent Your Saltwater Lures from Rusting

Whether you are buying affordable lures or reaching for more expensive ones, surely you want them to last as long as possible. Unfortunately, the contact of steel and other materials with water can cause rusting. We checked with experts from and asked for advice on how to prevent your saltwater lures from getting rusty. 

Remove Salt 

In the case of saltwater lures, it is crucial to remove salt from the lures after use. Salt can speed up rusting and cause your hook and tackle to go bad sooner. After use, simply rinse your tools in fresh water. If you are on a longer trip, you can use a wash bar with fresh water already on the board. 

Dry Your Lure

Drying your lure is the simplest way to prevent your tackle from rusting. Many anglers put wet lures into their box. When tackle is wet, it is more likely it will start getting rusty much faster. Especially when it is closed in a box, where wet tackles can cause humidity and, therefore, the perfect conditions for rust to appear. 

After fishing and rinsing your lures in fresh water, simply set aside your hooks and tackles, and let them dry for a while. Just when there is no moisture on them, put them away. You can dry them, for example, on a towel or invest in a special lure drying rack that can speed up the process. 

Store Your Lures in a Special Box 

The way you store your saltwater (and freshwater) lures can play a crucial role in the longevity of your tools. You can invest in a special plastic box, where you can store your fishing tackle. Choose a box that has an anti-rust material and/or is designed to make tackles breathe and dry. If you often fish in bad weather conditions, a good choice would be a waterproof box in which your tackle is going to be extra safe. 

Replace Rusty Lures as Soon as Possible 

It can happen that with time your lures will get rusty, even if you put all the effort into keeping them in good shape. As soon as you notice any signs of rust, remove the tackle right away. The rust tends to spread, so one rusty hook can “infect” the whole box and ruin all your stuff. 

Can I Still Use Rusty Lures?

Although rust on your tackle won’t affect if fish bite it or not, it is better to not use them. Rust often influences the strength of hooks and lures. A fish can bite and then you might lose it because of a bad hook.

Another reason to avoid rusty hooks is the possibility of getting tetanus. If a rusty hook pierces through your skin, you might need to contact your doctor and get a tetanus shot. It would be a very unpleasant experience that can be easily avoided by taking proper care of your lures and changing them as soon as you notice any sign of rust.

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