Indian Grey Mongoose

One evening we (Mahesh, Vinay & I) decided to head out to our favourite photographing spot in Bangalore, Hessarghatta. Thankfully this day there weren’t any other vehicles & photographers, after traveling some distance I spotted a sitting on a mound at quite some distance. We decided to slowly approach it and get nearer. As we went closer i noticed another tiny body next to the mongoose, it turned out the mother was sitting with not only with one but two babies. Here are two photographs from that day.

Indian Grey Mongoose – Bangalore,

Indian Grey Mongoose with Baby

Both the images were shot with a Canon EOS 20D and a Canon 600mm F4 L IS USM resting on the car window.

Angad Achappa

Angad Achappa

A wildlife photographer based out of India.

Angad Achappa

Angad Achappa

By profession I am fashion and product photographer, but in my spare time I love photographing wildlife, infact it is wildlife photography that started me off with photography.

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Douglas Trent

Nice photos! Thanks!