Mammals of China – book review

China is home to greater than 10% of the Earth’s mammals. In the Mammals of China, Andrew T. Smith, PhD and Yan Xie, PhD have produced a comprehensive easy-to-read pocket guide to this outstanding biodiversity.

Mammals of China is the first time that the natural history of all the mammals of China are included in a single pocket guide book resource.

The Mammals of China pocket guidebook includes detailed descriptions and illustrations of all of China’s 556 known mammal species. It includes conservation status for each species, along with maps.

Each species is identified by its English name and its Mandarin name. The conservation status of each species is described according to its estimated population and IUCN listed status.

Accompanying Mammals of China is a glossary of key words, and suggested further readings. A list of non-native species is also included followed by a simple index to common and scientific names of all 556 known mammals of China.

All of this makes Mammals of China an easy-to-use pocket guidebook reference for the individuals needing a reference guidebook on the go.

How to order:

Paperback: Mammals of China
Publisher: Princeton University Press Pocket Guides
Authors: Andrew T. Smith, PhD and Yan Xie, PhD
ISBN: 9780691154275

This review was written by Gabriel Thoumi, CFA  for

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