Michigan Man Pays $400,000 to Kill Harmless Rare Black Rhinoceros

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A wealthy American business owner paid $400,000 to kill a rare in Namibia in an apparent desperate attempt to prove his manliness.

He will now be allowed to import the animal’s taxidermied remains into the U.S. in order to show them off. Vile Chris Peyerk of Shelby Township, Michigan, shot the , one of only about 5,500 left in the world, last year and just received a permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to import the animal’s skin, skull, and horns so that they can be used as trophies of his kill.

Michigan Man Pays $400,000 to Kill Harmless Rare Black Rhinoceros

These animals are protected under the Endangered Species Act, which means that any hunter who wants to import their body parts must submit an application that must then be approved.

Peyerk is the president of Dan’s Excavating, Inc., a company that he inherited from his father, Dan, who was also a trophy hunter. His mother, Charlotte, and brother, Mark, were fined and their licenses were suspended in 2013 after they admitted to a grizzly bear illegally in Alaska.

Peyerk and his cronies are, of course, shouting hunters’ favorite old line about “conservation” to justify the killing, but you don’t conserve species by killing them. And you don’t help African communities by killing off the animals tourists travel to the continent to see. NPR reported, “Nature tourism generates 13 to 15 times more revenue than .”

Howard Siegel, author of Ordinary Beasts: Hunting and Cultural Psychopathy, studied pro-hunting books and interviewed hunters in an effort to determine why they kill animals. He concluded the following:

“Sports hunters take great pleasure in animals. That’s the reason they do it. It is killing without a purpose other than the self-pleasuring of the hunter.”

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Following the worldwide outrage that erupted when American trophy hunter killed beloved lion Cecil in 2015, more than 40 airlines have stopped transporting wildlife trophies.

It’s time for UPS to follow suit and help shut down these pathetic individuals’ bloodthirsty bids for attention. Take Action Against UPS. This article was first published by on 9 September 2019.

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Linda Badham
Linda Badham


Irene Leggett
Irene Leggett

The only good hunter is a DEAD hunter, preferably with their head on the wall as a trophy, their body parts and bones crushed to make hocus-pocus, fake medicines and their skin used to make a handbag or a pair of shoes. They will NOT be satisfied until they have wiped all wildlife off this planet, what or who will they hunt then, themselves hopefully. Don’t these equally brain-dead countries realise that once the animals have gone, become extinct, that the tourists will stay away, as who wants to visit a country with hacked carcasses laying around and NO wildlife… Read more »

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

another useless sack of fetid human excrement heard from 🙁

Lola Ling

They’re almost extinct thanks to idiots like him!!!!!!

Tierra Chapman

Greed driven sociopaths such as this pathetic example are so dead inside that they need the the endorphin rush of robbing such a rare, sentient being of it’s one precious life in order to feel alive – murder notwithstanding, they are stealing these beings from those of us who find joy in the beauty of it’s mere existence. Why must we continue to reconcile ourselves to such customary atrocities? Hunters (trophy and otherwise) are long, long overdue to join the supposedly civilized 21st century and find other, more peaceful and compassionate ways of enjoying Nature. Animal abuse is one totally… Read more »

Rita Gonzalez Palmeiro

What a depraved mind, how sick and small minded, I still don’t understand how killing anything makes it a trophy. Society has accepted this lowlife attitude that’s why they continue.

Lois Carol Wessels


Usman Naqeeb

Disgusting man

Dianne Dulat


Charlene Trimble

I hope someone STALKS YOU … even if YOU’RE only a WORTHLESS piece of SHIT HUMAN with no compassion, soul or insite into our SPECIES FUTURE!!! PLAGUE upon you … until your OWN END, may it be painful and hideous, as what your ACT by hunting this harmless creature was, painfully WRONG!!! A creature teetering on extinction!! SHAME on YOU!!

Галина Быструхина


Anneliese Marques

$400000 could have gone a long way to help others in need, either animals, or people. Wouldn’t that be something worth bragging about? He murdered a defenceless living creature. Curious where he gets so much money for such activity.

Donna R. D


Pamela Jordaan

Sick fuck

Beverly Gannon

Fecking pos

Jersey Ricci

Because he is just pure scum n he has to compensate for his little penis

Caroline Price

I can’t wait till he gets his – what goes around…

Judy Flanagan


Brigitte St Jean

Fucking bastard I hope you get shot !!

Caren Salerno-Hentnik

Piece of human diarrhea..he could of given that money to a shelter

Barbara Bee Sweetman

Maybe we should be focusing on our anger on those who take the money!

Sandra Bos

Man? This is not a men …. this is ☠️ Humanity is lost

Jacqueline Draszt


Mike Mac

Hope your piece of shit ass get cancer and dies slow and painfully

Caren Salerno-Hentnik

Mike Mac totally

Judy Salt


William Russell

Dumb ass needs to give all his money to a sanctuary for the wildlife. Them made to work there for free

Susan Fleshood Doby

DISGUSTING HUMAN. Did you know that in parts of Africa, the Black Rhino has been totally WIPED OUT. Karma is so much worse for these kinds of people….

Susanna Cila

SHAME ON YOU!!! Hoping you endure the exact same fate. What goes around comes around.

Cameron McElroy


Monty Foley


Patricia Solomon

Hope he gets caught in the middle of a stampede ☻

Nancy Raymond

Me too – that would be justice.’

Helga Etscheidt

Karma is coming!

Vicki Longwell


Heslon Faustino Cordeiro


Maria Anna Mavromichalis

piece of crap should be hung & shot!!!! lets see how he like to be a trophy!!!!!!

Joyce Dannheim

Despicable . Why is this allowed?

Shirley Braggs

Because they allow it for the money in the country where the rhinos are. If it had not been this disgusting piece of human waste, it would have been someone else. The countries should get the heat for this barbarism.

Sara Leonard

Wow. Absolutely nothing I want to say can be put down here.

Mark Bradley

Well this man is a PRIZE PRICK…wants fucking hanging….

Rikki Salty


Gary Gilden
Gary Gilden

£400000 is the same amount now on this morons head this will be paid in cash to whoever takes him out

George Walker
George Walker

I’d volunteer to take him out for the price of a good Islay single malt.


This sub-human with more money than sense or morals should be shot. It’s creatures like him that need to be pushed to extinction, not rare black rhinos.

Karen Lyons kalmenson
Karen Lyons kalmenson

Another sack of fetid human excrement heard from

Lonnie Ebneter


Janet Ehrlich

Criminal with a teeny weeny

Doug Mauro

He’s an asshole.

Sue Curtis