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Disturbing new undercover footage of a in Canada exposes heartbreaking abuses. The footage has spurred outrage and has led to calls for change.

The video, which was released by Animal Justice, was taken at the Papanack Zoo in Ontario by a whistleblower who worked there. It brought to light a number of heartbreaking issues from appalling conditions animals live in, blatant cruelty and abusive training techniques, inadequate enclosures and lack of enrichment for a number of species.

It also exposes ties to the entertainment industry, showing resident animals being cruelly exploited, and dispels the myths about how zoos are contributing to conservation.

Photo credit: Animal Justice/YouTube

Sadly, this isn’t the first time this zoo has come under fire for egregious mistreatment of animals. Last February, it stirred protests following an incident where a lion escaped, and was fatally shot by the zoo’s owner. Unfortunately, that incident is just another that highlights how ill-equipped both facilities and law enforcement are to deal with situations like that, which pose a serious threat to the public, and a usually deadly one for escapees.

Still, even before that incident, this facility has been on the radar of former employees, animal advocates and other animal advocacy organizations, including Zoocheck Canada, for years. As Animal Justice points out, many of the issues are related to the fact that there are no regulations or licensing requirements for zoos in Ontario, which has led it to become “the roadside zoo capital of Canada.”

The Ontario SPCA has launched an investigation into this case for violations of provincial animal welfare laws, but it doesn’t have the authority to shut the Papanack Zoo down. Unfortunately, not only do the lack of any meaningful standards, regulations or licenses leave animals to suffer in questionable conditions, it means there’s also virtually no way for the government to shut it, or other problem zoos, down either.

Even when cruelty charges are filed, there isn’t always justice. We just saw 11 charges against Marineland dropped, while other cases go nowhere. The Bowmanville Zoo finally closed after an undercover investigation exposed abuse of tigers, but it has already reopened as the Clarington Family Outdoor Adventure Park and is being run by one of the Bowmanville Zoo’s former co-owners. Just months later, it’s already under fire for exploiting lion cubs as photo props.

The good news is that this investigation has helped incite more calls for change to protect captive animals.

“Public opinion is rapidly turning against confining animals for entertainment, yet the government continues to leave animals out in the cold. Even a hairstylist needs a license to operate in Ontario, yet anyone can open up a zoo without a license or government oversight. Animal Justice is calling on the Ontario government to introduce a comprehensive zoo licensing regime to protect animals from some of the worst forms of captive cruelty, and ensure that abusive zoos and aquariums can be shut down when appropriate,” said lawyer Camille Labchuk, executive director of Animal Justice.


Please sign and share the petition urging Minister of Community Safety & Correctional Services in Ontario to crack down on this problem by creating some meaningful standards for animals in .

For more on this investigation, updates and ways to help, check out Animal Justice.

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Susan Davis

These barbaric hellholes should have been shut down long ago! The big cats grow up and pose a threat to the public, so the roadside zoos end up starving them, neglecting them because they don’t know how to care for them, and then the good sanctuaries end up over run with wild animals that the tax payer ends up donating to. Long story short, roadside zoos put an economic burden on the tax payer, economic burden on licensed sanctuaries and they are horrendously cruel to all animals and they send the wrong message to kids!

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

heartless,cruel and stupid are those who think that this is how our animal brothers should be treated…save all such captives and find them loving sanctuaries!!!

Linda French


Diana Moore

animals are not for our entertainment…..it’s a miserable life for them in cages, sometimes being abused or neglected. Live and let live….leave the animals alone

Joelle Jojo Mamour Barrier

oui !!! bien sur


All should be completely shut down and permanently closed and then made illegal. The owners of these atrocious operations should also have to face the possibility of legal action.

Artemis Athena

we know that is just wrong people should me money in a diffrent way by not causing any harm to another human or another being ..what a disgrace

Kathleen Colley
Kathleen Colley

Yes ofcourse they should ALL be shutdown! They are places,of cruelty and torture. The animals live desperate lives, lives,that we humans would never condone for oursleves, yet we expect animals to be happy with this! It’s insane!

Susan Layton

YES !!!

Dixie Shelton


Marie-France Durand


Lynn Vance


Lela Gary

Done. But this will have any effect? Or will they try to compromise and start all over again? The frigging Government should intervene and close them down as illegal and enforce the law.

Isabelle Fernandès

Sondage en fin d’article :”Les zoos devraient-ils être fermés?

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Anne Grice
Anne Grice

A big Yes! I cant imagine why this concept of “Roadside Zoo” ever got permission to start! This could only mean stressful cruelty to animals in the name of greed! Humans have so much to regret for as they leave this world ! Roadside zoo is a reflection of poor judgement and lack of human decency

Anita Sayers

Yes and shared post

Nelleke Schuringa


Doreen Blacknick


Shirley Stemen Swaim