Sep 122017
Prince Edward Island Birding Taster

Most people know Prince Edward Island (PEI) for Anne of Green Gables, red soil and potatoes. I can confirm that all of these things exist on the island (especially the potatoes, they are everywhere!), but it was the Prince Edward Island birding that really excited me. In August there are shorebirds galore, mixed warbler flocks, […]

Dec 062016
13th Annual Sanibel Lighthouse Hawk Watch

The Sanibel Lighthouse Hawk Watch with Vince McGrath has been an anticipated event for a number of years prior to leaving the state of Florida for what you might not believe a move of mine to the great white north.         The Osprey above (image 1) was photographed at the Sanibel Island […]

Apr 052016
Saw-whet Owl!

One of the only things I love more than the Chicago Cubs is the Black-capped Chickadee, and Saturday, the Cubs and chickadees conspired to bring me some magical Karma when I led a bird walk for Hawk Ridge Observatory along Duluth’s Western Waterfront Trail. It was warm for early March—it didn’t freeze the night before, […]

Sep 262015
Halconcito colorado (American Kestrel) Falco sparverius

Regresando del Club Refugio Ombú el 5 de Julio pasado como es habitual nos demoramos unas dos o tres horas en ocasiones para recorrer los kilómetros del camino de tierra hacia la Ruta 12. Siempre aparece algo interesante o como en este caso alguna especie en particular se queda perchando en alguno de los tantos […]

Mar 132015
Birding and Photography Ethics

I’ve been an avid photographer for just about all this millennium, but I only became significantly interested in birding and wildlife photography after I received my 400mm lens and moved to Florida. I spent my early months here driving around wildlife loops and photographing whatever birds I saw. Eventually, I wanted to photograph more diversity […]

Feb 182015
Here, there, and everywhere.

Whoa. Hey there, strangers. Two months was the last time I updated this – unacceptable! But not my fault, I promise! I haven’t been on an actual computer until a few days ago and things have been a little chaotic. I spent most of December in New Mexico with family (yay!) and then all the […]

Jun 052014
American Kestrel (Southeastern Subspecies)

American Kestrels are pretty common in the U.S., and here in Florida, we get to enjoy them in significant numbers throughout the winter months, but beginning in March or April, most of our Kestrels leave us. But there are some that stay with us all year round. The southeastern subspecies of American Kestrel mostly found […]

Jan 222014
Viera Wetlands, 1/18/2014

Yesterday I made it out to Viera Wetlands for a little bit during the afternoon. I much prefer to go in the morning, but even though family commitments kept me home in the morning, afternoon birding proved to be all that I’d hoped. My biggest goal was to see an Ash-throated Flycatcher that’s been seen […]

Oct 102013
American Kestrel Flight under Morning Light

This morning I arrived at Central Winds to find an American Kestrel on one of the goal posts of the football field. I saw the Kestrel fly off to terrorize some Killdeer, so I took that opportunity to position myself in between the sun and the goal post, hopefully get shots of it returning with […]

Jul 312013
Halconcito colorado (American Kestrel) Falco sparverius

Muchas veces hemos cometido el error de no fotografiar a las especies que tienen muchas fotos publicadas en el blog y perdemos la oportunidad de lograr imágenes interesantes, este día mientras Willy regresaba a su casa transitando por el Acceso Oeste de la Ciudad de Posadas detuvo el auto y no tuvo que esforzarse mucho […]

May 262013
New Study Says Stress from Human Activity Can Cause Urban Birds to Abandon Nests Ten Times More Often

A new study from scientists at Boise State University shows that even bird species considered “tolerant” of human activity, such as American Kestrels, may be adversely impacted by human disturbance to a far greater degree than many had believed. The study, authored by Erin H. Strasser and Julie A. Heath of Boise State University, was […]

Mar 212013
New Workshops Announced

Finally all that snow is starting to clear up. Personally I quite like the cold and the snow, it keeps my joints tight and not inflamed and it keeps me alert. Things have really been taking off in the past two weeks with a lot of planning going into new workshops which are now live […]

Mar 202013
Swallow-tailed Kites Return

Today I found three Swallow-tailed Kites near Jay Blanchard Park (actually in an abandoned horse farm behind my church parking lot). One of them flew pretty close to me. I suppose they’re creatures of habit, since I used to see them last year roosting in a tree right where these were flying. But these weren’t […]