Dec 252016
Wildlife for sale: An illegal activity out of control in Peru?

Peru is one of the most biodiverse nations on earth, home to one-tenth of the Amazon rainforest and other ecosystems. But its species are sought by collectors around the world and there is a thriving domestic trade in wildlife which together forms one of the country’s most profitable illicit economies running parallel to its impressively […]

Jan 262016
Alarming proof of underreported bushmeat crisis in heart of Amazonia

When satellite imagery of the Brazilian rainforest shows lush, dense forests, most of us likely expect that those trees are packed with wildlife. But what if what we are actually seeing is an empty forest? According to a recent study published in Conservation Letters, this possibility is already becoming a reality in the pre-frontier areas […]

Oct 012013
How do Jaguars Hunt? Graphic Images and Video

Jaguars, which are native to South and Central America and the Southwestern U.S., are one of the most powerful big cats in the world. They are excellent swimmers and amazing hunters who stalk a menu of 85 prey species, including turtles and caimans, which are South America’s answer to alligators. Have a look at this […]