Apr 152018
Meet the man who is biking across the Andes to save birds

You’ve probably heard of a ‘Big Year’. That’s when birdwatchers go out and try to see as many birds as they can in one year. What you probably haven’t heard of is a Big Green Big Year, or BIGBY. That’s when a birder tries to see as many birds as they can by Green Birding […]

Sep 042017
Chile Rejects Mining Project to Protect Humboldt Penguins

A mining operation that could have earned Chile billions of dollars has been rejected by the country’s government due to concerns over its potential impact on wildlife — threatened penguins, in particular. Chilean company Andes Iron had put forward a proposal to extract millions of tons of iron and copper from the Coquimbo region in […]

May 072015
Two new iguanid lizard species from the Laja Lagoon, Chile

A team of Chilean scientists discover two new species of iguanid lizards from the Laja Lagoon, Chile. The two new species are believed to have been long confused with other representatives of the elongatus-kriegi lizard complex, until recent morphological analysis diagnosed them as separate. The study was published in the 500th issue of the open […]

Mar 072014
Chile: Owls drafted in to fight deadly hantavirus

The nocturnal birds are predators of the long-tailed pygmy rice rat, carriers of the contagious disease which has killed 15 since February. In a summer which has seen the deadliest outbreak of hantavirus in five years, the National Forestry Service (Conaf) is looking to ramp up the deployment of one of its most unusual weapons […]

Feb 122014
Storm-petrel breeding in the Atacama desert

Seabirds, especially pelagic species, are more threatened than most other bird groups with similar numbers of species. Among them,Storm-petrels (family Hydrobatidae) are diverse and widespread in the Pacific Ocean.Markham’s Storm-Petrel (Oceanodroma markhami) is common in the Humboldt Current, including pelagic and coastal waters of Ecuador, Peru, and Chile between 18°N and 30°S. Only a couple […]

Aug 142013
Condors found "poisoned" in Chile

Chilean authorities are investigating the apparent poisoning of 20 condors in the Andes. Two of the afflicted birds have died, authorities revealed on Monday. The enormous birds have wingspans of up to 10ft (3m) and can glide on air currents for hours. On Sunday, witnesses reported condors crashing into the rocks high in the mountains […]

Jun 082013
More Than 600 Seabirds and Penguins Found Dead

Last month, in the Coquimbo region of northern Chile, more than 600 guanay cormorants and penguins were found dead on the beaches. The citizen control that monitors the area reported that on May 10, ten fishing boats were seen approaching the beach opposite the Los Choros ravine. Two days later, the Movement in Defense of […]

Feb 282013
The Cutest Predator

When we think of predators, our minds often picture large animals with sharp teeth and scary faces, animals that have evolved just to kill humans. Our collective memory makes us fearful of the night, and almost everyone has been startled by unknown noises in a dark forest. This fear has been engraved in our collective […]

Feb 212013
A feisty skunk

In November 2012 I traveled to Torres del Paine National Park in South Chile, with the main goal of seeing and photographing pumas. I organized the trip through Trogon Tours, a company specialized in South American birding and wildlife trips, owned and managed by my friend Luis Segura, who was my guide throughout the trip. […]

Jan 042013
Fio Fio (Elaenia albiceps) and Wasp

I was waiting for a hummingbird when this Fio Fio (Elaenia albiceps chilensis) perches on this flower. Suddenly the wasp appears attracting his attention. Result: unexpected meal. Note: Thanks very much to all who votes for my  “Andean hummingbird” for best photo of the year 2012.

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