Apr 272018
Wheatears and late winter visitors - Jubail

Birding the Jubail area continued turning up migrants and winter visitors with plenty of Great Cormorants staying in the area later this year than previously. They used to be seen rarely in the area but have now started winter in large numbers. Wheatears have been common with Pied Wheatears the commonest although a few Eastern […]

Apr 212017
Photos from the Krüger National Park

The Kruger National Park is the largest and most famous wildlife reserve in Southern Africa with a staggering diversity of wildlife and plant species all encompassed by beautiful unspoilt scenery. The Park has eleven different entrances, nine of which are on its South African border and two on its Mozambique Border that allow for easy […]

Aug 202016
Plenty of endemic bird species in Wadi Thee Gazelle - Taif

Whilst birding the Wadi Thee Gazelle area of Taif we came across a good number of Arabian Endemic Species, seeing eight out of the twelve species. The high rainfall in the mountains in spring 2016 appears to have produced a good breeding season for many species and adults with juveniles of Arabian Wheatear and Arabian […]

Aug 072016
Birding along the roadside - Bani Saad

Recently I was in Bani Saad and stopped along the roadside at a nice looking area of market garden fields with crops. This area had once held Arabian Golden-winged Grosbeak where birds were seen sitting on a roof in Bani Saad but unfortunately I have never seen them in the built up areas. I did […]

Jul 072013
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - continued...

Following my visit to the Rub’ Al-Khali, I returned to Dhahran which would be my base for the next few days. There were a few typical urban birds as well as some others of interest in and around the compound and some of the more open areas. Here is a selection of the common urban […]

Nov 112012
The Arrival Of Wintering Cranes

The last week has been pretty good bird-wise. The weather, as predicted let loose an enormous amount of water in Cadiz province just as I was returning from Eastern Germany & Poland. My flight from Berlin to Barcelona was delayed while they found a slot around more autumnal storms that were creeping up from the […]

Oct 062012
Best Photo of the Week Competition 06 Oct 2012

During the last week our authors and photographers have posted some outstanding articles packed with top-ranking wildlife images. Our competition is called “Best Photo of the Week”. Click on the first image and then page through the slideshow. Please select the three images you like best of all and vote for them at the bottom […]

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