Photos from the Krüger National Park

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The is the largest and most famous wildlife reserve in Southern Africa with a staggering diversity of wildlife and plant species all encompassed by beautiful unspoilt scenery.

The Park has eleven different entrances, nine of which are on its South African border and two on its Mozambique Border that allow for easy access to the various camps.

The Limpopo route and Kruger National Park are malaria areas but the risk is relatively low in the drier or winter seasons.

Lilac-breasted Roller

Not wishing to get soaked crossing a stream, this agile Chacma does a hop, skip and jump through the water.

African Hoopoe. It shows lots more white on the wings than and also has a richer orange-cinnamon hue.


Purple-crested Turaco

Black-collared Barbet with large beetle

Yellow-billed Oxpecker flying towards a

Open-billed Storks

African Fish Eagle

White-fronted Bee-eater


, juvenile at road-kill

Arrow-marked Babblers

, male

Amur Falcon, female

Sabota Lark


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