Apr 152018
The spring hunting ban in Kazakhstan: One Year On

In early 2017, the government of Kazakhstan introduced a ban on spring hunting. One year on, Danara Zharbolova (ACBK/BirdLife Kazakhstan) reflects on why this decision was – and remains – so important. Never has the expression “to be full of the joys of spring” rang so true than when all of us at ACBK/BirdLife Kazakhstan […]

Jan 172013
Eurasian Woodcock | Scolopax rusticola

The Eurasian Woodcock is a resident breeder in northern Japan, but migrates south in winter to my region. Usually only observed during the night, I spotted this pair on Mount Unzen just after sunset feeding on worms and grubs. Luckily I had the 1D X, as I doubt if any other Canon camera could have […]

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