Aug 062017
Summer is Over: Your Guide to Fall Migration!

Fall migration, but it’s still summer you say? Well, not according to the birds. The early signs of fall migration are already upon us, as the first groups of shorebirds have arrived in the Ottawa area. Warblers won’t be long behind them, so it’s time to start taking advantage of this wonderful time of year. […]

May 032017
Brrrrrrrr! But a Lesser Yellowlegs

What a frigid morning! But if we were cold, the birds seemed even colder. We had something of a fall-out at Park Point—I’m sure our numbers for most of the songbirds are way lower than the actual numbers. We had a couple of Lesser Yellowlegs (the most we saw as a group was one, but […]

May 262016
Spring Migration Update

More and more birds are arriving in the north woods now. On Thursday the 12th I had my first hummingbird of the season along with a Least Flycatcher and Black-and-white Warblers in my own yard, and I’ve had a few warblers here and there. A few Yellow-rumps and several Pine Warblers were on territory on […]

May 042016
Savoring a Slow Spring

The first time I ever noticed my aspen tree in full bud, back in early May in 1982, at least one Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, and Yellow-rumped Warbler could be seen in its branches just about every time I looked. That has been one absolute constant I can count on no matter how spring unfolds […]

Apr 102015
Stalking the sweet-singing, reclusive wood thrush

The wood thrush’s song is one of the most beautiful among eastern birds, and its flute-like warble is one of the reasons Vitek Jirinec picked this species to study. “It’s a charismatic species,” he said. “Even the lay public knows about wood thrushes because of their beautiful song. Oftentimes its song is described as the […]

Feb 252014
Solitary Songster: Hermit Thrush

The Hermit Thrush is perhaps best known for its beautiful song: one clear, flute-like note followed by a series of ethereal, bell-like tones. People who hear this bird sing rarely forget it. “One of my most memorable birding experiences was in western Maryland, where I was coming down a shady forest trail,” says Gemma Radko, […]

Mar 202013
Mead Gardens, 3/14/2013

This morning I dropped by Mead Gardens, and I had a pretty good time. Easily the biggest highlight was seeing two Louisiana Waterthrushes. These are really fun warblers, and before this morning I didn’t have any presentable photos of them. All these photos are of the second one I found, which was much more cooperative […]