Nov 072017
Feature:  Stratford Point, Connecticut

This land offers a stunning coastal grassland area near the mouth of the Housatonic River which has of this writing 282 species of bird observed according to eBird data. It was my hope to visit Stratford Point and observe the LeConte’s and Clay-colored Sparrows seen a day earlier at the venue. The Common Loon above […]

Sep 062017
A Bird Sanctuary In Killingworth, CT Pt. IV

Young birds became a rewarding event at Casa Almeida in Killingworth, Connecticut, in the 2017 summer season.   On the eve of the parade to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the naming of the town of Killingworth, CT, flags drape the utility poles around the center of town. Many are at half-mast at municipal buildings […]

Jul 072016
The flight of the painted lady butterfly shows migration in all its beauty

Every summer, a wave of intrepid migrants travel from north Africa to Europe, seeking a better life for their offspring. Many thousands, occasionally millions, reach Britain. The painted lady, a beautiful and powerful insect that is probably the most successful butterfly in the world, will star in a 90-minute BBC4 documentary in July in which […]

Feb 182013
Pallid Scops Owl and more

This morning, I went to do some ringing at the IBRCE in order to check where do we stand with migration?! I was joined by Noa, Tzadok and many kids and visitors who came to enjoy a great weather and wonderful array of birds. Altogetherwe’ve ended the morning with some 30 birds of 11 species […]

Feb 032013
Painted Lady

The Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) is said to be the most widespread butterfly in the world – found in both North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa – in both temperate and tropical environments. Butterflies and Moths of North America. This is a guest post from wife, Olivia, who shot these photos in Maine […]