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Jan 062018
Ice will return but extinctions can't be reversed. We must act now

Each day increasingly dangerous hurricanes, wildfires, and floods betray the influence of climate change. We are appalled at the accruing losses of life and property. The arguments to address climate change at the recent UN climate conference in Bonn focused most often on these more concrete risks. However, the worst effects of climate change will […]

Sep 132017
American Pikas Have Disappeared From California’s Sierra Nevadas

Wildlife scientists have raised concerns about the impact of climate change on American pikas for some time, and the tiny mammals have now disappeared entirely from a large stretch of land in California. American pikas are a small, herbivorous relative of rabbits and hares who live high in the mountains of the American West. The […]

Sep 022016
American pika vanishing from western US as 'habitat lost to climate change'

Populations of a rabbit-like animal known as the American pika are vanishing in many mountainous areas of the west as climate change alters its habitat, according to findings released by the US Geological Survey. The range for the mountain-dwelling herbivore is shrinking in southern Utah, north-eastern California and in the Great Basin that covers most […]

Feb 262016
Daily Dose of PIKA

Ohhh. I guess I may have scared some people off with my last few rants about Malheur and grazing, huh? Guess that’s what happens when you give a damn. “Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul” my friends. Passion, it’s healthy. Truth and justice, I like it. (Below: the tiniest pika I’ve seen […]

Nov 032015
I said I would and I did.

I promised you pikas years ago. Maybe it was months ago, it’s all running together now. But, alas, here they are. Behold the Pika Cute, Cute Pika. If you don’t think they are one of the most adorable goofballs you have ever seen, please exit my page and my life right now. These guys make […]

Aug 062014
Daily Dose of Cute

I went backpacking in the Ruby Mountains the last 5 days and had some much needed quality time with PIKAS! I don’t get to see them often enough so I was ridiculously excited to find a quite a few of them. They aren’t really easy to find, see (but easy to hear with their adorable […]