Siberian tiger – Focusing on Wildlife
Sep 232017
Wild Tigers to be Reintroduced to Kazakhstan After 70 Year Absence

Conservationists are applauding an announcement made this week by the Republic of Kazakhstan that it plans to reintroduce tigers to part of their historic range, where they’ve been absent for 70 years. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were believed to be 100,000 tigers living in the wild. Today, there are only estimated […]

Aug 282017
Wildlife Thrives in Korea’s Demilitarized Zone

It’s a tableau reminiscent of First World War entrenchments, a narrow strip of land with North Korean and South Korean soldiers, tanks, and barbed wire lining each side. Said strip is about four kilometers across and 250 kilometers long, and neatly cuts the Korean Peninsula in two. It was formed in peace talks after the […]

Sep 252015
Video: Siberian Tiger Release

By rescuing Zolushka from poachers as a cub, and returning her to the wild, IFAW works to replenish the dwindling number of Siberian Tigers left in the wild.               For more information on IFAW and their mission to rescue animals around the world, please visit:      

Apr 032015
Tiger family photo surprises scientists

In a frigid Russian forest, a camera trap snapped 21 family photos over two minutes. This wasn’t a usual family, though, this was a tiger family, more specifically an Amur tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) family. And this wasn’t even a usual tiger family: the cameras showed a dad leading the way. Generally, tiger male are […]

Sep 022014
World's last wild Siberian tigers threatened by illegal logging, global warming, disease (Part II)

This is the second part of series examining the impact of forest loss on Siberian tigers. Part I discussed overall forest loss in the region and its major drivers. The very fact that there are Siberian tigers in the world today is something of a miracle. In the 1940s, just 20 animals remained in the […]

Aug 272014
Logging of Russian Far East damaging tiger habitat, few intact forests protected (Part I)

This is the first part of series examining the impact of forest loss on Siberian tigers. Part II discusses in more detail what their shrinking habitat and low numbers may mean for their future. The destruction of Russian forests to supply timber to international markets is becoming one of the biggest threats to the world’s […]

Feb 052014
Lions Approach Extinction in West Africa

Lions may soon disappear entirely from West Africa unless conservation efforts improve, a new study predicts. The study, published January 8 in the peer-reviewed scientific journal PLOS ONE, presents “sobering results” of a survey that took six years and covered 11 countries. Lions once ranged from Senegal to Nigeria, a distance of more than 1,500 […]

Aug 302013
Featured video: how tigers could save human civilization

In the video below, John Vaillant, author of the The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival, tells an audience at TEDxYYC about the similarities between tigers and human beings. Given these similarities—big mammals, apex predator, highly adaptable, intelligent, and stunningly “superior”—John Vaillant asks an illuminating question: what can we learn from the tiger? […]

Jun 162013
Dog Disease Infecting Tigers, Making Them Fearless

Cats and dogs don’t usually mix. But a domestic dog virus is posing a new threat to endangered tigers in the wild, experts say—partly by making them less fearful of people. Forced into increasingly smaller habitats, tigers are sharing more space with villagers and their dogs, many of which carry canine distemper virus (CDV), an […]

Jun 102013
In pictures: Rare Siberian tigers caught on camera

Endangered Siberian tigers have been filmed by a BBC documentary crew. The team travelled to the Russian Far East to record the efforts of scientists working to preserve the subspecies, also known as Amur tigers. Estimates suggest there are only around 350 of the big cats remaining in the wild and 90% of them live […]