May 122018
POLL: Should the UK's failed badger cull policy be abandoned?

The cost of policing the controversial badger cull in just one of the 21 zones last autumn approached the £1m mark – the equivalent of more than £1,000 for every animal killed there. Objectors to the cull described the bill for Cheshire as a horrendous waste of public money and called for the policy to […]

Mar 262018
POLL: Should fur imports into the UK be banned?

Over 30 celebrities have joined a national campaign calling on the UK government to ban fur imports and add another nail to the coffin of this cruel industry. Will you join the effort by signing this Care2 petition? Backed by animal welfare groups– including Humane Society International UK, the RSPCA, People for the Ethical Treatment […]

Mar 102018
Badger cull faces review as bovine TB goes on rising

The government is to review the controversial badger cull as part of an inquiry into its strategy to clamp down on bovine TB. The review raises the possibility that experts conducting it will examine disputed evidence about the cull’s efficacy, potentially paving the way for a change in policy. When the review was announced last […]

Feb 042018
Pressure grows for UK to bring in blanket ban on ivory trade

Environmental campaigners believe that public pressure is finally about to force the environment secretary, Michael Gove, to introduce a blanket ban on the commercial trade in ivory in the UK. A consultation on what form a proposed ban should take has just closed, and the government says it will give its response soon. The Department […]

Oct 152017
POLL: Would you support the reintroduction of the wolf in the UK?

For anyone raised on Grimms’ fairytales – or wary of cows, hostile-looking geese – there have always been certain obvious difficulties with ambitious rewilding campaigns. Reintroducing beavers is one thing. Boars: maybe. But among the more appealing aspects of life in Britain, for the nervous, is the relative certainty of never encountering a wolf pack. […]

Jun 042017
Why has Theresa May ditched a pledge to ban ivory trading?

Strange news: Theresa May has decided to drop a Tory pledge to push for a total ban on ivory trading (only the sale of ivory items produced after 1947 is prohibited). Why would she do that? Doesn’t she need votes? I thought nearly everyone loved elephants – who votes for helping to wipe them out? […]

Jun 062016
POLL: Are nature laws a reason for UK to stay in the EU?

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has come out in support of the EU’s Nature Directives, citing environmental conservation as a big reason citizens should vote to remain in the EU in the national referendum on 23 June. “EU membership underpins many crucial environmental protections in the UK, while amplifying our voice in the world on […]

Jul 152015
POLL: Should the ban on fox hunting be relaxed in the UK?

Latest news dated 14 Jul 2015: Ministers shelved Wednesday’s vote on relaxing hunting laws in England and Wales after the SNP said it would vote against the changes. The party had previously said it would not vote on issues affecting England and Wales only. Mr Cameron said the SNP’s position was “entirely opportunistic”. Downing Street […]

Jun 152015
Vicious murdering bully chosen as Britain's national bird

So we’ve chosen a vicious murdering bully for our national bird? It’s bad enough that we probably plumped for our self-important red-breasted friend because the Victorians sentimentalised the robin as a symbol of Christmas. Yet I suspect that the main reason it has been chosen is because it’s the one bird most people can actually […]

Jan 152015
Poll: Are wild boar a welcome addition back in the UK countryside?

Wild boar are hitting the headlines in the UK, but for all the wrong reasons. For the first time since records began, sadly there has been a fatality involving a wild boar on the roads. The animal was in the second lane of the M4 motorway and it is believed the driver hit the animal […]

Oct 282014
POLL: Should Grey Squirrels be Culled in the UK?

The Prince of Wales has ordered a cull of the grey squirrel on his estate in an attempt to protect the indigenous red variety. “Humane and lawful” measures to control the population of greys, which carry a poxvirus that is deadly to red squirrels, have been introduced on the Duchy of Cornwall estate. The grey […]

Oct 302013
Swans beat storm to find sanctuary at WWT

Seven Bewick’s swans made it through the major storm sweeping Britain and completed their migration from the arctic to WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre in Gloucestershire just as the worst of the violent weather hit. Migrating birds are facing 80mph southeasterly winds in their faces as they make the 2,500 mile journey in a south east […]

Oct 292013
POLL: Should the ban on fox hunting be relaxed in the UK?

David Cameron is backing calls to relax the ban on fox-hunting in England and Wales, it emerged today. The Prime Minister has ‘sympathy’ with calls to scrap a law banning farmers from using more than two dogs to flush out foxes, Downing Street said. It would mark a first step towards the coalition fulfilling its […]

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