Dec 032017
Sleeping Pygmy Owl

It really is quiet at the moment on the bird front. Summer migrants have all left but there are very few exciting winter birds around. The Pygmy Owls in Maridalen don’t seem to be around anymore with a bird I saw early on Saturday morning the last sighting. There have been some reports of large […]

Nov 032017
Bearded Reedlings (Panurus biarmicus)

Nice and sunny with no fog today so I thought I’d try for the hairy titties again. I found them and at times had them close, sometimes also with sun light on them and also close enough to use the flash but am I happy with any of the pics? Don’t think so. Behavior wise […]

Jan 182017
Great visit to Wallasea Island

Sometimes a days birding can deliver very little and then sometimes days like today come along where it all seems to go right. A Barn Owl as we pulled into the track to the reserve followed by two Short-eared Owls hunting at first light then a male Merlin flashes across us and sits out on […]

Nov 242016
Waxwing fever

So what’s my story with Waxwing? Since childhood, I wanted to see Waxwings. In Israel they’re mythical rarities – a handful of records from the 1960’s and 1970’s, and that’s it. And they’re beautiful. And they’re unique. And despite originating from the cold boreal forest, they feel so exotic. And they toss berries up in […]

Nov 172016
Finding Waxwings in Norfolk

This week has seen a mini influx of Waxwings in Norfolk so with a rare day off work I picked up the Jims and headed north. We arrived at the Coastguards hut Cley for first light and I quickly picked out a single Little Auk flying West close into the shore line and managed to […]

Nov 032016
Issy Wheatear and more

Yesterday was my birthday but I couldn’t go birding. So today I cashed in on my birthday credit, and went out with James (AKA The Driver), Dave, Phil and Will to Burnham Overy Dunes. Weather was looking good and we hoped to find Norfolk’s first Sibe Accentor. But when we got there we started complaining […]

Jun 192016
Hedmark, Norway

I’ll be off to Hedmark again before I am finished with the posts from my trip last week. Here are the final pictures and now it is only videos to go. This post features amongst others Siberian Jay, Three-toed Woodpecker, Parrot Crossbill, Slavonian Grebe, Waxwing, Cuckoo and Willow Tit (which was seen in an as […]

Dec 142014
Why Backyard Birds Are Getting Drunk on Fermented Berries

If birds that feed on winter berries in the Northern Hemisphere seem to be painting the town red, it could be because they’re intoxicated. Alcohol forms in berries as they ferment with the first frosts, and the birds that gorge on these winter fruits may get drunk more often than we think, scientists say. “Most […]

Dec 292012
Top 12 Encounters of 2012

With 2012 nearly over I can say very loudly I CANT WAIT for it to end. This year has certainly had its highs but those of course come with the Lows. Plenty of food for thought and life lessons learned from the lows and onwards and (hopefully) upwards into the future. So first the Lows… […]