Jun 092014
Butterflywatch: Dawn of the early risers

The Lulworth skipper is the only British butterfly with a geographically accurate name – it is found flying around Lulworth cove in Dorset and along a small section of the south coast. It is one of our rarest butterflies, and my 1980s field guide says it emerges in July. Last year it was first seen […]

Jun 062014
Butterfly larvae mimic queen ant to avoid detection

Parasitic butterfly larvae may mimic ants’ acoustic signals to aid in the infiltration of their host colonies, according to results published April 9, 2014, in the open access journal PLOS ONE by Marco Sala from University of Turin, Italy, and colleagues. Very interesting article you can read in English [HERE…] Papillons et larves de papillons […]

May 072013
Pest caterpillars face helicopter blitz with insecticide

The Forestry Commission is so concerned about the spread of caterpillars that can strip oak trees bare and cause serious health problems among people that it is to use a helicopter to blanket-spray woodland with insecticide within days. The oak processionary moth, a native of southern and central Europe, has become established in south-west London […]