Jan 312017
More about that Pink-footed Goose

I received an email a little while after my Monday program aired on KUMD. The writer said he’d looked at all the photos I’d posted on Flickr of the Pink-footed Goose I saw in New York City, and not one of them showed the pink feet. He wondered how I could be sure of the […]

Jul 112016
Alaska - 2nd June (Day 6)

We were up at 06:30 for a complete change in the routine from the last few days spent on St Paul, the day was to be spent driving south to Seward from Anchorage a journey of 126 miles with a few stops en-route and some birding in Seward on arrival. First stop was a supermarket […]

May 212016
Warbler Day

Today is the day I celebrate every year as Warbler Day. Up here in Duluth, warbler migration is just kicking in, but in other places I’ve lived—Chicago; Lansing, Michigan; Madison, Wisconsin; and Ithaca, New York—warbler migration usually is peaking right about now. I selected May 11 as Warbler Day because that’s the day I identified […]

May 042016
Savoring a Slow Spring

The first time I ever noticed my aspen tree in full bud, back in early May in 1982, at least one Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, and Yellow-rumped Warbler could be seen in its branches just about every time I looked. That has been one absolute constant I can count on no matter how spring unfolds […]

Apr 272016
The Cruelty of a South Wind

One of my friends recently moved to Duluth from Bemidji. He seemed utterly distraught on April 14, when the high here was 43 degrees but 78 in Bemidji. I don’t know if T.S. Eliot was thinking specifically about Duluth when he wrote that April is the cruelest month. Other places may have it as bad, […]

Apr 192016
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

One of my friends on facebook, who lives outside Chicago, was thrilled a few days ago when a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker spent a day in a conifer right outside her window. Jodie Cregier Nettelhorst reacted pretty much the way I do when I get a sapsucker in my yard. She said, “I feel so lucky. It […]

Apr 082016
In Search Of South Florida Vagrants

There have been some extraordinary sightings of unexpected bird species these past few months with one in particular that was being reported at the end of February resulting in this report.           The Northern Parula above (image 1) was photographed at Long Key State Park in March 2016. Tom Obrock and […]

May 032014
A Bestiary : Songbirds ~ American Redstart

The animated and flashy warbler American Redstart (Setophaga ruticilla) is the final warbler featured in my Bestiary. Migrating songbirds are returning to our Western Massachusetts hillside now as I finish the warbler section of A Bestiary — Tales From a Wildlife Garden. I have enjoyed recalling and writing about the numerous encounters I have had […]

Mar 122014
Well hello there.

It’s about that time. Last week I saw this red-shouldered hawk pair getting to know each other. Right time, right place. I was taking photos of yellow-rumped warblers and the female flew in pretty close and on an exposed snag’s branch. Lucky me! I have a few more photos of the whole thing that I’ll […]

Feb 272014
Juniper Gorge-fest 2014

We have a pretty good sized juniper (not sure of the species) in our backyard that produced a TON of berries (cones, rather) this season. The Yellow-rumped warblers have really enjoyed this. So have the cedar waxwings and robins, but the butterbutts (yellow-rumpeds) own this tree, no questions asked. I’ve enjoyed watching them go absolutely […]

Feb 142014
Pine warblers in your face

The birds seem to think it’s spring or something, but I can’t really say I agree with this sentiment. The Pine (all the birds in this post) and Yellow-rumped Warblers have started singing pretty hard the last week or so. Today while I was doing yoga, I witnessed two black vultures getting it on in […]

Nov 072013
Mead Gardens, 10/26/2013

Mead Gardens has been exceptionally slow all fall with very few warblers stopping by. But I still like to visit from time to time, especially during the Orange Adubon Society Birdwalks. So yesterday morning I joined the group that was there and had a great time. The biggest highlight was seeing a couple Red-headed Woodpeckers. […]

Nov 012013
A Bestiary: Songbirds ~ Black-throated Green Warbler

‘A Bestiary . . . Tales from a Wildlife Garden’ continues with the gregarious Black-throated Green Warbler Setophaga virens. Each spring this small songbird returns to our wildlife habitat within the foothills of the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. There are more photos and stories of my encounters with this warbler over at Native Plants and […]