Oropendola Montezuma

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Oropendola Montezuma

Canon EOS 6D, Canon EF 300mm/2.8 IS

Costa Rica

Rain Forest

Date Taken:


Petr Bambousek

I fell in love for Wildlife Photography during my 2002 trip to Costa Rica. Richness of the tropics fascinates me since that and during the time I realised many photography trips. Last year I focused to Borneo island which I had on wish list for long years. Based on my wildlife photogrpahy experiences I organized tens of photography and RAW editing workflow lessons within my country. I also realised several wildlife photography trips with enthusiast photographers to Belize, Thailand, Borneo od Ecuador to name a few. My photographs was awarded several times on local or international field. I reagularly publish my photography experiences in travel or photography magazines. Feel free to browse my websites www.SulaSula.com

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