Aug 202014
13 newly-discovered birds declared extinct

In a recent update of the IUCN Red List, scientists have identified 13 new bird species that have gone extinct since 1500. In total the list now finds that at least 140 bird species gone extinct in the past five hundred years, representing 1.3 percent of the world’s total known birds. The new extinct birds [...]

Aug 192014
Sabi Sands: February 2010 (Part 1)

Some of you may recall that I have been posting some WAY overdue trip reports on my blog as well. I am still far behind, but I thought it best to get going again…my last report was a series of posts on a trip with my wife to the Kruger National Park in 2009. Let’s [...]

Aug 192014
Scientists catalog the world's 10,000th reptile

As of this year, scientists have named and described over 10,000 reptiles, marking a new milestone in cataloging one of the most diverse vertebrate groups. Last week, the Reptile Database, an online catalog of all the world’s living reptiles, announced it had passed 10,000 species. “Officially, we have logged 10,038 reptile species into the database, [...]

Aug 182014
Monjita dominica, Black-and-white Monjita, Xolmis dominicanus

Uno de nuestros objetivos para este último viaje a los Esteros del Iberá fue el de fotografiar a la Monjita dominica en su ambiente, habíamos visto fotografías de esta monjita obtenidas por amigos nuestros que viajaron a la feria de aves y fauna silvestre en Colonia Pellegrini en el mes de mayo así que las [...]

Aug 182014
Beavers are mysteriously back in Britain - but not entirely welcome!

Tom Buckley was overjoyed. Earlier this year the retired environmental scientist proudly documented the first family of beavers living wild in England since the species was hunted to near extinction in Britain several hundred years ago—a discovery that came almost by accident. He first noticed a few tree stumps gnawed to pencil-like points on the [...]

Aug 172014
Arabian Sand Gazelle at Mahazat as-Sayd Protected Area

To enter the Mahazat as-Sayd Protected Area you have to have special permission with the Protected Area entirely fenced and the all gates locked. Entrance to the Protected Area is trough one of the five ranger stations scattered around the Protected Area to ensure no unauthorized people can enter. We were very lucky to gain [...]

Aug 172014
Yellow spots, orange stripes: vivid new frog species discovered in Malaysia

Scientists have identified a new species of frog on the Malay Peninsula. The newly named Hylarana centropeninsularis was discovered in a peat swamp and genetic analyses revealed that it is evolutionarily distinct from its stream-dwelling cousins. After publishing the discovery in the online journal Herpetologica, Kin Onn Chan, a doctoral candidate at the University of [...]

Aug 162014
Procurando o jacurutu e a marreca-de-coleira

Hoje, 09/08/2014, eu e o amigo Jair Kray fomos novamente para Eldorado do Sul para tentar ver o jacurutu e a marreca-de-coleira. Chegamos às 07h na propriedade, e o caseiro nos recebeu e nos explicou onde procurar. Descemos pela estrada de terra que corta a propriedade, e paramos em uma porteira. Deixamos o carro e [...]

Aug 162014
Blue-footed boobies on the decline, plummeting sardine stocks may be to blame

The iconic blue-footed booby (Sula nebouxii) of the Galapagos Islands has suffered a population decline of 50 percent in less than 20 years, according to research conducted by biologists from Wake Forest University. The study, which appeared in the journal Avian Conservation and Ecology, suggests the unexplained disappearance of sardines from the birds’ diet is [...]

Aug 152014
Giant penguin fossil shows bird was taller than most humans

A penguin species that lived millions of years ago would have dwarfed today’s biggest living penguins and stood as tall as most humans, according to analysis of fossils by a team of researchers from the La Plata Museum in Argentina. Palaeeudyptes klekowskii has already been dubbed the “colossus penguin”, and is the most complete fossil [...]

Aug 142014
China's boom may mean doom for turtles

For thousands of years turtles have been used in Chinese traditional medicine to treat a wide variety of ailments and diseases. Originally published in the journal Radiata and recently republished HerpDigest David S. Lee and Liao Shi Kun write, “[In Chinese culture] turtles are symbolic of long life, personal wealth, fertility, strength, and happy households.” [...]