Sep 202014
VOTE for the Best Photo of the Week 20 Sep 2014

Welcome to the “Best Photo of the Week” competition showcasing and celebrating the biodiversity of Planet Earth. This week’s featured image: Willow Ptarmigan on the tundra in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada by Glenn Bartley. Voting is easy and lots of fun. First click an image and browse through the slideshow. Then select the three images you [...]

Sep 192014
Norway whale catch reaches highest number since 1993

Fishermen in Norway have caught 729 whales this year, the highest number since it resumed the controversial practice in defiance of international pressure, industry sources said on Monday. “The season is more or less finished and it’s been very good,” said Svein Ove Haugland, deputy director of the Norwegian Fishermen’s Sales Organisation. The eventual figure [...]

Sep 192014
POLL: Should the Faroe Islands' whale slaughter be allowed to continue?

The recent arrest of 14 volunteers working to stop whaling in the North Atlantic Ocean’s Faroe Islands has focused a spotlight once again on a local tradition stretching back over a thousand years. Six of the protesters were found guilty this week of interfering with the grindadráp, or grind, as these drive hunts are called, [...]

Sep 182014
Results of the Best Photo of the Week Ended 06 Sep 2014

We are delighted to announce the results of our latest “Best Photo of the Week” Competition. First Prize is awarded to Jim Ehle for his outstanding image “Final Approach”, Nitin Jain wins Second Prize with “Colorful Male” and Third Prize goes to Myer Bornstein for “Little Blue Heron Feeding” (click on thumbnails for full scale [...]

Sep 182014
Counting Elephants From the Air in Africa’s Newest World Heritage Site

OKAVANGO DELTA, Botswana—”Fifteen elephants right!” ecologist Mike Chase shouts above the roar of the single-engine Cessna. The plane swoops low over the herd of gray bodies as they wade single-file across the floodplain below. We’re flying over the channels and islands on the western periphery of the vast Okavango Delta, as part of the Botswana [...]

Sep 172014
A few waders back in the ditch – Dhahran Hills

The wet ditch in the camp has previously been good for getting good close views of a number of species of waders. Over the last few months, however, there have been no birds of any description present here. In the last few weeks wader passage has started in earnest and again a few birds are [...]

Sep 172014
Vultures in Africa and Europe could face extinction within our lifetime warn conservationists

BirdLife International – the world’s largest conservation partnership – has announced that vultures have rapidly become one of the most threatened families of birds on the planet. In a bid to stop this important family of birds slipping towards extinction in Europe and Africa, today we have launched a global campaign asking for public support [...]

Sep 162014
El primero de esta temporada

Hoy por la tarde fotografíe a este primer macho de Picaflor de barbijo para esta temporada primavera-verano 2014; bebederos limpios y en condiciones para recibirlos como Dios manda y disfrutar de su compañía todas las tardes al finalizar la jornada laboral sentado en el patio de mi casa con un buen mate. Veremos durante el [...]

Sep 162014
Federally Protected Birds at Risk from Expansion of Wind Development Near Lake Michigan

(Washington, D.C., September 3, 2014) Two bird species federally listed as endangered, the Piping Plover and Kirtland’s Warbler, as well as many other federally protected birds are at risk from the proposed expansion of Heritage Sustainable Energy’s (HSE) Garden Peninsula Wind Energy Project near Lake Michigan, according to American Bird Conservancy (ABC). The warning from [...]

Sep 152014
Little Grebe in the spray fields – Dhahran Hills

The spray field area is a good location for seeing a number of species of birds but the true water birds such as grebes, Moorhens, ducks and Coots are not seen there as there is no permanent water and the water that is there is very shallow. It was thus a big surprise when I [...]

Sep 152014
UK wagtails face long-term decline

The three species of wagtail that breed in the UK are suffering long-term declines, a study has revealed. Yellow wagtails, grey wagtails and pied wagtails are all in decline, according to the annual breeding bird survey’s latest report, though conservationists say the reasons for the reductions are not clear. Yellow wagtails, farmland birds which migrate [...]

Sep 142014
A sense of Mana

I have just returned from hosting a Wild Eye photographic safari to a place that is cemented more and more firmly as my favourite piece of African wilderness after every visit. I thought of calling this photo “a sense of place”, but it could actually only be one place, and that’s Mana Pools…hence “a sense of [...]

Sep 142014
Barn owls 'threatened' by new legislation

Barn owls and red kites could be threatened under new legislation that will allow farmers to kill them because they are classed as non-native species. Leading zoologists have warned that new laws that compel landowners to take action to combat the spread of invasive foreign species will also impact on animals that have been reintroduced [...]