May 292015
Various sub-species of Desert Larks in Saudi Arabia

Geographical variation in Desert Lark Alauda deserti is complex, and numerous races have been named mainly on the basis of plumage coloration. The colour of the birds appears to be directly related to the colour of the local soil and rocks with birds from sandy habitats are mostly buff-coloured, those of stony or rocky ground […]

May 292015
12 Extraordinary Pictures Show Animals Headed for Extinction

On Endangered Species Day, there are thousands of species that may not be around for long. The term “endangered species” usually brings to mind charismatic animals—fluffy pandas and majestic tigers. But there are thousands of lesser-known species that are in greater danger of disappearing. These animals, categorized as “critically endangered” by the International Union for […]

May 282015
Mosqueta pico pala (Common tody-Tyrant) Todirostrum cinereum

En esta entrada comparto mis mejores fotografías de los registros de este recién llegado a la Ciudad de Posadas el cual fijó residencia en la Reserva del Arroyo Itá; las fotografías se obtuvieron en horas de la mañana de los días 20 de Marzo y 10 de Abril pasados dentro del predio de la reserva. […]

May 282015
Results of the Best Photo of the Week Ended 23 May 2015

We are delighted to announce the results of our latest photo competition. Kath Langbridge wins First Place for her brilliant composition “He Who Dares!”. Don DesJardin wins Second Place for his outstanding portrait “Allen’s Hummingbird”. Third Place goes to Howard Cheek for “Tender Leaves”.      See detailed results below: (click on thumbnails for full scale view). […]

May 282015
Emirates Airlines Bans Hunting Trophies of Lions, Rhinos

The world’s biggest international carrier joins South African Airways in banning transport of trophies of exotic wildlife such as elephants and rhinos. Emirates Airlines will stop carrying hunting trophies of elephants, rhinos, lions, or tigers on its planes, the company announced this week. The decision is meant as a step “to eliminate illegal trade and […]

May 272015
Poll: Should Rhinos be Hunted to Support Conservation

Despite fierce and widespread criticism, numerous petitions, a lawsuit and even death threats, controversial Texas hunter Corey Knowlton’s mission to hunt down a black rhino in Namibia has been fulfilled. Accompanied by a CNN camera crew and two government trackers, and armed with a high-powered rifle, Knowlton shot and killed an old rhino bull in […]

May 262015
Yabirú (Jabiru) Jabiru mycteria

Regresando hacia la Ruta nac. 12 desde el último tramo del camino en la UC. Cambyretá un grupo de Yabirúes nos regaló uno de los mejores momentos de la tarde del primero de Mayo. Caminando sin asustarse ante nuestro acercamiento aprovechamos la corta distancia que había entre el camino y estos gigantes del Iberá y […]

May 262015
Eastern quolls, extinct on mainland, to be reintroduced in NSW national park

Eastern quolls are set to be released on the Australian mainland, 50 years after they were wiped out by a combination of habitat loss and the spread of foxes and feral cats. The quolls, which once spread from the southern reaches of South Australia up to Brisbane, have not been seen on the Australian mainland […]

May 252015

I stopped by Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn this week to visit the locally famous parakeets. This group flew over and landed by me, sat and squawked for a while, and then flew deeper into the cemetery. Monk parakeets have been around Brooklyn for about forty years; the colony at Green-Wood is one of the largest […]

May 252015
A third of Europe’s birds under threat, says most comprehensive study yet

One in three European birds is endangered, according to a leaked version of the most comprehensive study of Europe’s wildlife and natural habitats ever produced. The EU State of Nature report, seen by the Guardian, paints a picture of dramatic decline among once common avian species such as the skylark and turtle dove mainly as […]

May 242015
Garza mora (White-necked Heron) Ardea cocoi

La mas grande de las Garzas en pocas ocasiones permite que nos acerquemos a ella, si nos aproximamos lentamente con el auto aumentan nuestras posibilidades de logar buenos resultados fotográficos gracias al escondite artificial que nos brinda nuestro medio de transporte. Acercarse caminando es una tarea infructuosa porque ni bien detecta nuestra presencia abandona el […]