Apr 212014
Record £26,000 reward for conviction as raptor deaths in Highlands rise to 19

Rewards totalling £26,000 have been offered by Scottish bird lovers and landowners for the conviction of the perpetrators of one of the UK’s largest mass poisonings of protected birds of prey. The rare alliance between landowners and ornithologists emerged on Wednesday as Police Scotland said the total number of birds killed had increased to 19, [...]

Apr 202014

En tur till tranorna i Hornborgasjön, jag kom upp lite i senaste laget för att vara då ljuset kommer men soluppgången fick jag på plats. Klicka på länken för att starta bildspelet:  Trana-14

Apr 202014
Legality of spring hunting under fire in Malta and Brussels

In Malta, the illegal killing of birds is particularly widespread and with each hunting season, many protected birds are being shot due to lack of adequate controls and monitoring. Illegal shooting is even more harmful in spring, the most sensitive time for migratory birds returning to Europe to breed. BirdLife Malta continues its fight against [...]

Apr 192014
Chickadee Irruption in Central Florida!

Here in Central Florida we’ve grown accustomed to having an easy time identifying chickadees. If you see one, it’s a Carolina Chickadee. But this is no longer the case, as there has been a massive irruption of northern and western species of chickadees into Central Florida. The irruption was first noticed when the above photographed [...]

Apr 182014
Europe approves vet drug that killed off almost all of Asia's vultures

When Europeans first arrived in North America, they exterminated three to five billion passenger pigeons (Ectopistes migratorius) in the short span of a century through a combination of habitat destruction and hunting. In 1914, the last living passenger pigeon perished at the Cincinnati Zoo. Despite the staggering scale of this extinction event, three species of [...]

Apr 172014

Photographers sometimes shy away from photos like this. I call them field guide shots. The bird is doing nothing, just standing in full profile, but you can see everything about the bird that helps you identify it. As photographers, we often want action shots, interesting poses, or at least something that makes the photo stand [...]

Apr 152014
Court partially stops Japan’s ‘scientific’ whaling, but Pacific harvests to continue

Japan has harvested thousands of whales in North Pacific and Antarctic waters since the implementation of a global ban on whaling, eliciting harsh criticism from the international community. Now, in a landmark decision, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ruled that Japan must cease its whaling activities in the Antarctic. The advent of factory [...]

Apr 152014
It only gets better

As the season progress more and more migrants are found on a daily basis. In fact it is so hectic that I cant find the time to sit and write all the updates, so below is a very quick review of what was seen in the past 10 days: On 13th while guiding a happy [...]