Nov 262014
Video: Humpback Whales Cause Quite the Surprise As They Hunt for Herring

Each year, thousands of people embark on whale watching tours in hope of spotting the majestic humpback whale in the wild. These baleen whales—who engage in lively leaps and flips, enhanced by their thin flippers and blue-back coloration—can put on quite the show for onlookers, but there is something extra special about encountering these marine […]

Nov 252014
Shake if Off

All is quiet, except for the sound of doves and guinea fowl in the distance. The sky is bright blue on a winter’s morning. I am sitting in an underground research bunker in Etosha National Park in Namibia. He approaches from the southeast, ambling like they usually do. His footfalls are quiet, eerily quiet, like […]

Nov 252014
Poll: Should U.S. Government Kill Thousands of Birds to Save Salmon?

EAST SAND ISLAND, Oregon—Alexa Piggott is crawling through a dark, dusty, narrow tunnel on this 62-acre island at the mouth of the Columbia River. On the ground above her head sit thousands of seabirds. Piggott, a crew leader with Bird Research Northwest, is headed for an observation blind from which she’ll be able to count […]

Nov 232014
Curiango (Pauraque) Nyctidromus albicollis

Esta noche en particular en Rincón Ombú chico los curiangos estuvieron mucho mas confiados que nunca, habrá sido por el clima favorable o la abundancia de alimento que los mantuvo con el buche lleno de insectos y por ello tranquilos, o quizás no estaban con ganas de volar. En realidad desconozco el motivo de dicha […]

Nov 232014
'Guns kill trees too': overhunting raises extinction threat for trees

A new paper confirms what ecologists have long feared: hunting birds and mammals drastically raises the risk of extinction for tropical trees. Following the long-lifespan of a single canopy tree, Miliusa horsfieldii, researchers discovered that overhunting of animals could increase the chances of extinction for the species fourteen times over a century, from 0.5 percent […]

Nov 222014
Alilicucú común (Tropical Screech-Owl) Megascops choliba

Este fue uno de los mejores momentos fotográficos de este 2014; esta noche mientras se preparaba la cena en Rincón Ombú chico fuimos muy afortunados en ser acompañados durante unos minutos por esta pareja de lechuzas que se acercaron a la casa de Luis para quizás investigar que era lo que estábamos haciendo nosotros. Desde […]

Nov 222014
Badger cull cost over £3,000 for each animal killed

The first of two controversial badger culls in England cost £3,350 for every badger killed. Official figures show that the pilots cost the taxpayer £6.3m in their first year, during which 1,879 badgers were killed in Gloucestershire and Somerset. The Government said the costs were high due to monitoring of the humaneness and efficacy of […]

Nov 212014
Bluethroats returning in numbers – Sabkhat Al Fasl

My last ringing trip to Sabkhat Al Fasl was almost cancelled due to the wind. The forecast all week had been strong winds continuing until Friday, the only day I could go ringing. I was very kken to go ringing though as I can only go once a week and due to the lack of […]

Nov 202014
Results of the Best Photo of the Week Ended 15 Nov 2014

We are delighted to announce the results of our latest “Best Photo of the Week” Competition. First Prize is awarded to Vijayendra Desai for his outstanding image “Sunset”. Myer Bornstein wins Second Prize with “Snowy Egret – Egretta Thula”. Third Prize is shared by Walter Baliero for “Black-billed Shrike-tyrant (Agriornis Montanus)” and Dave Richards for “White-fronted Bee-eater” […]