Dec 192014
Milano plomizo (Plumbeous Kite) Ictinia plumbea

Observar a los Milanos volando para atrapar insectos en vuelo es un espectáculo inolvidable, tanto el Milano plomizo como el Milano tijereta son verdaderos acróbatas del aire a la hora de atrapar libélulas, cigarras u hormigas voladoras; ni hablar del momento en el que dirigen su pata hacia el pico para cortar el insecto por […]

Dec 192014
Video: Incredible footage shows leopard attacking two male antelope while they fight

A brave antelope makes an unlikely escape after being ambushed by a leopard as it battled a rival. The red lechwe was already exhausted having locked horns with another male when the killer cat struck – but managed to shake it off. The fast-paced footage was shot by safari guide Thomas Nkwazi, in the Okavango […]

Dec 182014
An app to save 400 million animals

Brazilian biologist Alex Bager has been leading a crusade to raise awareness of a major but neglected threat to biodiversity in his country. Every year over 475 million animals die in Brazil as victims of roadkill, according to an estimate by Centro Brasileiro de Ecologia de Estradas (the Brazilian Centre for the Study of Road […]

Dec 172014
Mosqueta pico pala (Common tody-Tyrant) Todirostrum cinereum

Estas fotos que comparto en esta entrada corresponden al primer registro de la Mosqueta pico pala nidificando en la Ciudad de Posadas, mas precisamente en la Reserva Rincón Nazarí (aledaña a la Reserva del Arroyo Itá), no recuerdo en este preciso momento quién fue el que nos avisó de este hecho así que vaya el […]

Dec 172014
Common buzzard landing

I have presented at length this species on my blog 1000 pattes-1000 tracks. We monitor it each year, especially the northern buzzards wintering in our area south of France. This specific individual lives here year round with its partner and we see them both together quite often; it looks like they hunt field mice as […]

Dec 172014
Video: Up Close With King Penguins and Elephant Seals

Just above Antarctica, off the island of South Georgia, lies a breeding hot spot for elephant seals and king penguins known as Gold Harbour. Filmmaker Richard Sidey captures incredible raw footage and the natural sound of this wild bounty for part of his series, Speechless. With the absence of narrative, the viewer is left to […]

Dec 162014
New Pictures of Hollywood Cougar Show Sleeker, Healthier Cat

Since making his Hollywood debut two years ago, P-22 has kept a low profile, avoiding the cameras and surfacing only at night. But this private celebrity is no movie star or pop icon—he’s the resident mountain lion of downtown Los Angeles. In late March, when scientists captured the famous feline to change the batteries in […]

Dec 152014
Spring Birds in Winter

Remember the polar vortex winter we had last year? This robin came to my window every cold morning of it with his feathers so puffed up he looked downright chubby. I fed him raisins for breakfast straight through until spring. He’s back! He (or so…

Dec 152014
Video: Great white shark breaches off South Africa's coast

A magnificent great white shark leaps from the water to take a chunk out of a would-be seal. These amazing full breaches were conceived using a plastic seal decoy – which is dragged behind a tourist diving boat, as a way of enticing the hungry predator. Shot by filmmaker Mark van Coller in False Bay, […]

Dec 142014
Ermitaño escamado (Scale-throated-Hermit) Phaethornis eurynome

Esta fua una de las primeras sorpresas de nuestro viaje a San Sebastian de la selva durante el pasado mes de Octubre, también es una de las primeras nuevas especies para nosotros registradas durante ese fin de semana. Las fotografías las obtuve en la Reserva Yateí en horas del mediodía cuando este Ermitaño escamad se […]

Dec 142014
Why Backyard Birds Are Getting Drunk on Fermented Berries

If birds that feed on winter berries in the Northern Hemisphere seem to be painting the town red, it could be because they’re intoxicated. Alcohol forms in berries as they ferment with the first frosts, and the birds that gorge on these winter fruits may get drunk more often than we think, scientists say. “Most […]