Jul 272016
Disappearing Nightingales

Taking photos of Common Nightingales can be tricky but flight shots are pretty rare and I was really pleased to capture a sequence of photos set on 1/2500th of a second of such a bird in ‘hovermode’, something that to me at least is a pretty rare sight. During the breeding season and with young […]

Jul 272016
Massive relocation of 500 elephants begins in Malawi

In one of the largest scale translocations ever, some 500 African elephants are currently being moved to what is believed to be a safer habitat in Malawi. Elephants are being shot by tranquilizer darts, then retrieved by cranes and recovery trucks. The elephants are then awoken in special “wake-up crates” and then transported 450 kilometers […]

Jul 262016
Harns Marsh Preserve Summer Activity

The water level at Harns Marsh Preserve during a 19 July visit was very high, but did not deter a large number of waders from finding the habitat suitable. Bud Tom Obrock and I made a drive over to the preserve in Lehigh Acres which also hosted a very good number of Purple Gallinule and […]

Jul 262016
POLL: Should the lynx be rewilded in the UK?

During the Second World War small groups of people were thinking about how wildlife and the countryside might best be conserved in the hoped-for aftermath of the conflict. From such discussions emerged in 1949 the Nature Conservancy, the first government conservation body in Britain. It sought to protect examples of heaths, meadows, moorland and coppiced […]

Jul 252016
Alaska - 9th June (Day 13)

Another day spent birding the Council Road which runs east from Nome, thats not a negative comment, its a fantastic birding road as it extends along the length of Safety Sound with the sound to the north and the open sea of Norton Sound to the south. Today we birded as far as the summit […]

Jul 252016
Iceland: Volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs and seabirds

Close to the Arctic Circle, the mid-Atlantic ridge emerges from the ocean depths onto land, creating a country full of geological wonder and amazing wildlife. If you want adventure combined with beautiful scenery and 24-hour daylight, Iceland should be your destination this summer! Iceland is revered by marine biologists around the world for its biodiversity, […]

Jul 242016
Endangered Species Act: A Big Success!

One of the most frustrating elements for me of the toxic political climate today is how little facts seem to matter anymore in public discourse. It’s become a common belief that the Endangered Species Act hasn’t worked because, since its passage in 1973, only a handful of species have recovered enough to be de-listed. Just […]

Jul 242016
Half a century on, Glossy Ibis returns to Serbian wetlands

After more than 50 years of absence, the Glossy Ibis has once again returned to breed in the Obedska Bara wetlands in Serbia. This was confirmed earlier this month by ornithologists Dr Slobodan Puzović and Loránd Vigh, whose survey of the breeding grounds found four pairs of Glossy Ibis and 6-8 pairs of Eurasian Spoonbill, […]

Jul 232016
Piojito común (White-crested tyrannulet) Serpophaga subcristata

Tener una reserva cerca es algo impagable ya que nos permite ir en nuestros ratos libres a disfrutar unos instantes de nuestro apasionante hobby, en esta oportunidad luego de unos breves momentos de espera este Piojito común posó para la cámara a muy corta distancia permitiéndole a Luis poder lograr estas tres tomas, en una […]

Jul 222016
Let It Snowy

As the temperature and humidity this week reached its Summer peak (hopefully), it was an easy decision to review images of Snowy Egrets captured at Siesta Key Beach in June. The Snowy Egrets stole the show with their acrobatic performance at the Access #5 tidal pool. As I recall, they didn’t have significant competition from […]

Jul 222016
What future is there for Africa’s lions?

In 1716, exactly three hundred years ago, Bostonians were the first Americans to lay eyes upon an African lion. George Washington was yet to be born and the concept of our nation was still 60 years away. According to the Boston News Letter, “All persons having the Curiosity of seeing the noble and Royal Beast […]