Apr 272015
Little Swifts, Chipiona, Cadiz province, Spain

One of the more accessible Little Swift sites is at Chipiona harbour and marina on the western side of Andalucia. There are other sites across the Iberian peninsula but this site offers easy access and with patience you can watch the birds feeding and returning to the colony. You’ll see them on their own in […]

Apr 272015
Norway landmark ruling sees five jailed over wolf hunting

Five men have been sentenced to prison in Norway for organising an illegal wolf hunt, in the country’s first prosecution of such a case. The group’s ringleader was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison, while four others were ordered to serve between six months and a year. They all denied the charges. […]

Apr 262015
Catita enana (Blue-winged Parrotlet) Forpus xanthopterygius

El 22 de Febrero en Rincòn Ombù chico la suerte estuvo del lado del amigo Luis Krause porque cerca de su casa se encontrò con un grupo de Catitas en horas de la mañana perchando en una guayaba. Oportunidades como esta no ocurren muy de seguido y hay que aprovecharlas porque cuando las aves estàn […]

Apr 262015
Aphrodisiac for fish and frogs discovered

A supplement simply added to water has been shown to boost reproduction in nematodes (roundworms), molluscs, fish and frogs – and researchers believe it could work for humans too. Dr Keith Davies, senior lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire and his colleague Dr John Hart, CEO of Endocrine Pharmaceuticals Ltd, observed guppy fish (Poecilia reticulata) […]

Apr 252015
Boyerito (Variable oriole) Icterus pyrrhopterus

Antes de llegar al portòn de entrada al Club refugio Ombù Luis se encontrò con este Boyerito perchando en el alambre de pùas oxidado, una de las mejores perchas para obtener los mejores desenfoques por la distancia con respecto a los pastizales del segundo plano; comparto hoy estas fotografìas que se obtuvieron durante el dìa […]

Apr 242015
Red-throated and Tree Pipits – Dhahran Hills golf course

A trip to Dhahran Hills golf course in early April allowed me to scan the grassy fairways near to the walking path. Here I saw plenty of pipits of two different species. The majority were Red-throated Pipit Anthus cervinus with up to ten in small flocks in a couple of places. Tree Pipit Anthus trivialis […]

Apr 242015
Recently discovered 'punkrocker' frog changes skin texture in minutes

In 2006, a husband-and-wife team – Katherine and Tim Krynak – discovered a tiny new frog species, smaller than a U.S. quarter, in the Reserva Las Gralarias, a nature reserve in north-central Ecuador. They took its photograph and nicknamed it the “punkrocker” frog because of spine-like projections coming out of its skin. For the next […]

Apr 232015
Daily Dose of Moose

Hey lookit this guy! This is from a couple months ago when we attempted to go birding at Turnbull NWR in Eastern Washington. I think we saw a painfully disappointing 8 species, which was pretty ridiculous. However, this moose friend was a huge bonus, especially since I haven’t seen these guys since 2007 or 2008. […]

Apr 232015
Macaca leucogenys: New Species of Macaque Discovered in Tibet

A group of scientists led by Dr Peng-fei Fan of the Dali University’s Institute of Eastern-Himalaya Biodiversity Research in Yunnan has described a new species of macaque from Modog County, southeastern Tibet, China. The team’s discovery is published online in the American Journal of Primatology. Macaques are medium to large-sized monkeys belonging to the genus […]

Apr 222015
Morro Reuter/RS com o COA POA

Hoje cedo fui com o COA POA para Morro Reuter, uma cidadezinha perto de POA, que ainda tem algumas matinhas legais. Fomos em um lugar inicialmente que estava meio parado, e quando pensamos em mudar de local, a bicharada começou a aparecer. Vimos a tiriba-de-testa-vermelha, pitiguari, piolhinho, sabiá-coleira, trinca-ferro-verdadeiro, mariquita, tico-tico-da-taquara, e mais alguns. Entre […]

Apr 222015
Famous Cougar That Was Holed Up Under L.A. House Returns to Wild

The most famous cougar in Hollywood doesn’t work in television. And he’s male. For the past three years, a male mountain lion has been living in the center of bustling Los Angeles, crossing 10-lane highways, getting his picture taken near the Hollywood sign, and attracting worldwide attention. On Tuesday morning, the cat was holed up […]