Jul 272015
Red Milkweed Beetle

The red milkweed beetle is another nice summer insect. It’s a longhorned beetle, in the family Cerambycidae. Check out its extreme antennae. The red milkweed beetle’s genus and species names are derived from Latin and mean four-eyed. Many species in the longhorned beetle family have antennae that originate close to the eyes, some so close […]

Jul 272015
POLL: Should the ban on bee-killing pesticides be continued?

Farmers will be able to use blacklisted pesticides linked to serious harm in bees after the UK government temporarily lifted an EU ban. Opponents called the decision “scandalous” and criticised the government’s secrecy, which The Guardian revealed has included gagging its own expert advisers. But prime minister David Cameron defended the move. “We should follow […]

Jul 262015
Curutié blanco (Stripe-crowned Spinetail) Cranioleuca pyrrhophia

En este último viaje a los Esteros del Iberá pude mejorar mis fotografías del Curutié blanco durante la tarde del día 16 de Mayo pasado. Este Curutié creo que fue el pájaro al que mas fotografiamos entre todos; habíamos decidido ir con el grupo a los Esteros de Cambá Trapo, fuimos entre 7 personas porque […]

Jul 252015
POLL: Should whale hunting in Alaska be banned?

For the Inupiat villagers who have made their homes on this finger of land in the Chukchi Sea for generations, nothing is more important than the bowhead whale. The calendar revolves around seasons for hunting, fishing and gathering. It’s a lifestyle Alaskans call “subsistence”, which is as much cultural tradition as economic necessity in one […]

Jul 242015
U.S. Steps Up Fight Against Poaching and Wildlife Trafficking

With the slaughter of elephants and rhinos in Africa at record levels, lawmakers in the U.S. are stepping up efforts to save some of the world’s most iconic species. An Obama administration task force is expected to make recommendations on how the federal government do more to fight wildlife trafficking, a trade that largely revolves […]

Jul 232015
Results of the Best Photo of the Week Ended 18 Jul 2015

We are delighted to announce the results of our latest photo competition. Keith Bannister wins First Prize for his brilliant capture “Kingfisher with Catch”. Glenn Perrigo wins Second Prize for his outstanding composition “Queen Butterflies on Eupatorium”. Third Place goes to Leka Huie for “Honey, I’m Coming”.      See detailed results below: (click on […]

Jul 232015
Surge of frolicking whales prompts boating warning off San Francisco

Dozens of whales are frolicking off Northern California’s coast in a feast for the eyes that has also prompted federal officials to issue a boating warning. Officials documented 115 humpback, blue and fin whales during a one-hour survey last weekend near the Farallon Islands, the Marin Independent Journal reported on Saturday. “We are alerting small […]

Jul 222015
Summer Soundtrack

One of my favorite things about summer is the free outdoor concerts. I’m not talking about local bands that occasionally perform from the park gazebo even though they can be a pleasant accompaniment to my evening dog walk. No, nothing says summer like the insect-amphibian jam sessions that take place almost every evening. I’ve moved […]