Oct 042015
It is the end of September already!

I am on vacation. Here’s a poem by Sara Teasdale entitled September Midnight:           Lyric night of the lingering Indian Summer, Shadowy fields that are scentless but full of singing, Never a bird, but the passionless chant of insects, Ceaseless, insistent. The grasshopper’s horn, and far-off, high in the maples, The […]

Oct 042015
POLL: Should invasive species be eradicated in the EU?

Anyone caught exporting or possessing invasive species such as grey squirrels, ruddy ducks and water hyacinth in the EU will soon face heavy fines and confiscations, under a new blacklist filed at the WTO, which the Guardian has seen. Raccoons, Javan mongooses, and South American coypus are among the 37 types of flora and fauna […]

Oct 032015
Águila viuda (Black-and-white Hawk-Eagle) Spizastur melanoleucus

El Águila viuda fue otra especie de ave de presa que pudimos fotografiar durante el encuentro de cetrería en Posadas, el individuo de las fotos que comparto en esta entrada pertenece el centro de recuperación y recría Guirá Oga de Puerto Iguazú Misiones.              

Oct 032015
See What Sea Otters Do When No One's Looking

It’s not hard to drum up love for sea otters with their furry little paws, inquisitive expressions, and playful demeanor. But despite the attention and money lavished on this marine mammal, they still have a long way to go. Campaigns such as the current Sea Otter Awareness Week—which runs from September 20 to 26—aim to […]

Oct 022015
Purple Swamphens in Saudi Arabia

Purple Swamphen Porphyrio porphyrio has been split into five species by IOC 5.3 largely in accordance with Sangster 1998 and Garcia & Trewick 2015 into 5 species. These splits will be followed by OSME and means that Grey-headed Swamphen P. poliocephalus is by far the main species in the Region, comprising the nominate, caspius and […]

Oct 022015
POLL: Should the wild bird trade in Southeast Asia be banned?

A cacophony of birdsong rings out from hundreds of wire and bamboo cages strung along awnings and crisscrossing the ceilings of cramped open-air stalls at Pramuka, Indonesia’s biggest bird market, in the capital, Jakarta. Thousands of wild birds—ranging from tiny brown finches and brilliant rainbow lorikeets to small-bodied, large-eyed owls—will be sold as pets to […]

Oct 012015
Eagles and water birds at Raysut

I managed a second late afternoon out birding during the week on Wednesday. I chose Raysut settling pools. This is much more interesting that this time last year as the habitat is better. Last autumn all the water was retained within concrete bound pools. For the past few months the ones on the far east […]

Oct 012015
Results of the Best Photo of the Week Ended 26 Sep 2015

We are delighted to announce the results of our latest photo competition. Candy McManiman wins First Prize for her brilliant composition “Sunning”. Leka Huie wins Second Prize for her outstanding capture “Macroglossum Insipida”. Third Place goes to Danny Crous for “Leaping Lechwe”.      See detailed results below: (click on thumbnails for full scale view). […]

Sep 302015
POLL: Should the illegal slaughter of songbirds in Cyprus be stopped?

Only one road runs through the Cypriot village of Xylophagou, and the traffic rarely stops. There is a florist selling dusty ferns in pots, a hardware shop protected by a gaggle of surly-looking youths on mopeds, and a deserted fast-food outlet. The main parade ends at a cafe overlooking a roundabout that leads the way […]

Sep 292015
After 60 million years of extreme living, seabirds are crashing

Every day for sixty million years, seabirds have performed mind-boggling acts of derring-do: circumnavigating the globe without rest, diving more than 200 meters in treacherous seas for a bite of lunch, braving the most unpredictable weather on the planet as if it were just another Tuesday and finding their way home in waters with few, […]