Jan 272015
Desert Ducks

There are some new man-made lakes that have recently been created to the South East of Dubai. They are still a way from becoming established sites and for some reason the authorities have introduced feral species from around the world leading to strange sights of birds that would normally never co-exist ! It has already […]

Jan 262015
WildFocus - the Photo Forum with a Difference!

Have you been frustrated by the tedious process of registration, searching for the validation email, losing your password and then having to create a new one? With WildFocus you can now sign in using your social media account. e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, AOL, LinkedIn or WordPress. Featured image: Green Kingfisher (Chloroceryle americana) perched on […]

Jan 262015
Poll: Should wolves be slaughtered to save caribou?

The BC government has launched a wolf kill program, blaming the wolves for the drastic decline of caribou, a decline which is actually caused by habitat destruction. So is the wolf kill a solution? Killing wolves will not bring the caribou back in the absence of adequate habitat protection for caribou. Culling intelligent, social animals […]

Jan 252015
Video: A natural wonder - the sardine run

Watch the frenzy of excitement as an army of ocean predators, from dolphins and humpback whales to dive-bombing gannets, pursue the vast mobile feast that is the Sardine Run. Cameraman Bart Lukasik digs into his archives to bring us a selection of last year’s most breathtaking footage from the epic migration.     This video […]

Jan 252015
Video: Discovery of the Mysterious Kipunji Monkey in East Africa

Travel West, and the valley changes from grassland to true African jungle. Here, in the little-known mountains of southern Tanzania and Rwanda, live many unique animals, including the Kipunji monkey which was only discovered in 2005.       This video was first published by BBC Earth on 16 Jan 2015.      

Jan 242015
 Video: Gamekeeper jailed in Scotland for killing bird of prey

A gamekeeper who trapped and killed birds of prey has been jailed for four months. George Mutch, 48, was sentenced at Aberdeen Sheriff Court after being convicted of laying illegal traps and killing a goshawk by hitting it with a stick. It is the first custodial sentence for the crime of persecuting raptors, or birds […]

Jan 232015
Video: Arctic's 'Penguins of the North' Adapt to Climate Change

What’s New: The latest research on little auks, sometimes called “penguins of the north,” reveals a surprising response to a rapidly warming Arctic: The birds make up for food lost to the effects of climate change by catching prey that were stunned by the cold water running off melting glaciers—another effect of climate change. The […]

Jan 232015
Results of the Best Photo of the Week Ended 17 Jan 2015

We are delighted to announce the results of our latest photo competition. First Prize is awarded to Shlomo Waldmann for his outstanding flight shot “Bald Eagles”. Robert Strickland wins Second Prize for his macro image entitled “Morning Dew”. Third Prize goes to Stephen Tabone for his study of “Motherly Love”.   See detailed results below: […]

Jan 222015
Carpintero copete amarillo (Blond-crested woodpecker) Celeus flavescens

Estas fotografías son tres claros ejemplos de que en muy contadas ocasiones las mejores tomas se obtienen en el momento mas impensado sin necesitar caminar para lograr un acercamiento con una especie determinada. Las fotos las obtuve en la Reserva Yateí en el mes de Octubre en horas de la siesta cuando me llevé un […]

Jan 222015
Malta approves public referendum of bird hunt that kills over 15,000

Malta’s Constitutional Court has upheld a public referendum to decide the fate of the country’s controversial spring bird hunt, which kills over ten thousand migrating birds every year. The Constitutional Court threw out objections by Malta’s powerful hunting lobby, and instead sided with the 11 conservation groups who organized the referendum, known as the Coalition […]