Apr 212015
First hatch of critically endangered species

Six tiny nestlings at San Diego Zoo Global’s facilities in Hawai’i are being closely watched by conservation biologists. These six chicks represent hope for a small Hawaiian bird species known as the ‘Akikiki. The species is being brought into captivity to start a breeding population through a collaborative effort by the Kaua’i Forest Bird Recovery […]

Apr 202015
The Bandipur Tales

A big hello to my readers, its been long, really long since I posted here. This post is all about a three day stay followed by a one day round in Bandipur and Kabini respectively. I had the privilege of accompanying and guiding Alex who was visiting India purely for wildlife photography. I wont be […]

Apr 202015
Expedition in the Congo rediscovers lost primate

The last time there was a sighting of Bouvier’s red colobus disco was all the rage, the Internet was non-existent, and Madonna still referred solely to the mother of God. But then the African monkey vanished and conservationists feared it had gone extinct—a victim of the bushmeat trade. For years, research groups called for an […]

Apr 192015
Australia becomes first country to ban lion trophies

Last month, Australia became the world’s first country to ban the import or export of lion trophies, often taken from so-called canned hunting where lions are raised solely to be shot by foreign hunters. “These new rules mean that if you go overseas and engage in the appalling act of canned hunting, you can forget […]

Apr 192015
A revealing new look at the secretive black tinamou

After decades in ornithological obscurity, one of the world’s least-known birds is finally coming to light thanks to the persistence of a small group of researchers. Pablo Negret, Oscar Garzón, Pablo Stevenson, and Oscar Laverde-R. of the Universidad de los Andes have just published the results of their year-long study of the Black Tinamou (Tinamus […]

Apr 182015
Mountain Gorillas Reveal Their Genetic Secrets

A team of genetic scientists, co-led by Dr Chris Tyler-Smith of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and Dr Aylwyn Scally of the University of Cambridge, UK, has sequenced the whole genome of the mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei) and compared it with the genomes of three other Gorilla subspecies – the western lowland gorilla (G. […]

Apr 172015
Mosqueta enana (Eared Pigmy-tyrant) Myiornis auricularis

El Domingo 4 de Enero de 2015 los amigos se fueron al Cerro Santa Ana (al Complejo Don Rodolfo) a pasar el día fotografiando aves, compromisos familiares me jugaron en contra para que yo participe de dicha jornada de la cual muchas ganas tenía de ir porque hace mas de tres años que no vuelvo […]

Apr 172015
Results of the Best Photo of the Week Ended 11 Apr 2015

We are delighted to announce the results of our latest photo competition. Juan Carlos Vindas wins First Place for his brilliant composition entitled “Two Violet-tailed Sylphs”. Rick Lieder wins Second Place for his outstanding flight shot “No Boundaries”. Third Place goes to Cat Xuan Nguyen for “Springtime Love is in the Air”.   See detailed results […]

Apr 172015
Tiny Brazilian opossum could be farmers’ friend

André Mendonça pops open the spring-loaded door on the shoebox-sized trap and peeks inside. Two bulging, black eyes glare back at him. He pulls the trap off the tree limb and shakes the stunned, sopping wet creature into a clear plastic bag. “One more!” he says excitedly. The animal, a gracile mouse opossum (Gracilinanus agilis), […]

Apr 162015
Long-tailed Shrike still present – Dhahran Hills golf course

A Long-tailed Shrike was glimpsed briefly on the golf course at Dhahran on 14 February and was positively identified as a Long-tailed Shrike on 18 February when I had reasonable views and took a couple of photos of the bird in the same place. The bird has been seen a few times over the last […]

Apr 162015
Is the end of 'house of horror' bear bile factories in sight?

If we grant bears any modicum of intelligence or emotional experience, if we grant them the capacity to suffer pain or mental anguish, then bear bile farming – which houses bears in tiny cages for the breadth of their life in order to repeatedly extract their bile – poses a whole slew of ethical questions. […]

Apr 152015
Being more colorful found to be disadvantage for female plover

A team of researchers working in Australia has found that bright coloring on female birds appears to be a reproductive disadvantage. In their paper published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, the team describes how they tested predation of red-capped plover eggs and discovered that enhanced coloring by the parent tending the nest, made […]