Feb 282015
VOTE for the Best Photo of the Week 28 Feb 2015

Welcome to the “Best Photo of the Week” competition showcasing and celebrating the biodiversity of Planet Earth. This week’s featured image: Ringed Kingfisher (Megaceryle torquata) perched on a branch in Ecuador by Glenn Bartley Voting is easy and lots of fun. First click an image and browse through the slideshow. Then select the three images you […]

Mar 042015
Poll: Should badger culls be continued in the UK?

A Conservative-led government will continue the cull of badgers regardless of complaints from protesters, the environment secretary has pledged. Speaking at the annual National Farmers Union (NFU) conference in Birmingham, Liz Truss set up a pre-election badger battle with Labour, which has promised to end what it calls the “ineffective and inhumane” programme intended to […]

Mar 032015
Sweep Up the Sun Book Launch

This weekend is the official launch for my new picture book with Helen Frost, Sweep Up the Sun. The cover image is below, and I’ll share more images from the book soon. We’ll have a book signing and exhibition at Book Beat this Saturday, February 28, from 1-4 and a signing and presentation on Sunday, […]

Mar 032015
Owl attacks prompt Dutch town to arm itself with umbrellas

A Dutch town has advised residents to arm themselves with an umbrella when going out at night after a mysterious spate of bloody rogue owl attacks. Over the last three weeks, the European eagle owl has silently swooped on dozens of people in Purmerend, in the north of the Netherlands, with many victims requiring hospital […]

Mar 022015
Post Processing - A Guide for Nature Photographers by Glenn Bartley

Learn the fundamentals of the digital darkroom. Take your image editing to the next level and save yourself time in the process! The era of digital photography has brought tremendous advantages to bird and wildlife photographers. The ability to take hundreds or thousands of photos in one day allows us to continually raise the bar […]

Mar 022015
Viral Video: Stealthy Octopus Leaps From Water and Attacks Crab

The predator’s “sheer aggressiveness” surprised even an octopus scientist. Elusive creatures known mainly for their eight arms, ink blast, and high intelligence, octopuses are also fearsome predators with a variety of natural weapons at their disposal. Porsche Indrisie learned that firsthand recently when, much to her surprise, a small octopus burst out of a tide […]

Mar 012015
Western Marsh Harriers – Sabkhat Al Fasl

Western Marsh Harrier is a common winter visitor to wetland areas of the Eastern Province with a large number wintering at Sabkhat Al Fasl near Jubail. Although the species is common you very rarely get close enough to them to take photographs when they are on the ground as they fly long before you can […]

Mar 012015
After a cruel attack, an injured toucan will get its beak back, thanks to 3D printing

It was a shocking case of animal cruelty that caused outrage in Costa Rica and beyond last month. The victim? A male toucan, since nicknamed Grecia, whose beak was horribly mutilated by a group of teenagers. Grecia’s story inspired people all across South America to turn their anger into action – and thanks to a […]

Feb 282015
Chipping Sparrow at Central Winds Park

When I moved to Florida I was very new to birding, and I knew next to nothing about sparrows. I remember going to take our dog Ella to a dog park. I didn’t know at the time that right next to this dog park was the best place to find warblers in Seminole County, Central […]

Feb 272015
The first signs of migration starting – Sabkhat Al Fasl

Migration starts very early in Saudi Arabia compared to my home country of the UK. Here migrants can be seen in January and by early February numbers are increasing. The first signs of migration are normally Barn Swallows and Pallid Swifts with small numbers of each seen in the last few weeks. Phil Roberts also […]

Feb 262015
Four arrested for allegedly attempting to export 150 native animals to Europe

Four men are in custody in Perth accused of attempting to export more than 150 native animals from Western Australia. The men were arrested at Perth international airport earlier this month after customs was tipped off by postal workers who noticed something amiss in packages sent from destinations including Carnarvon, Tom Price and Geraldton. All […]

Feb 262015
42 pangolins rescued, then sold to restaurants

On February 1st, local police seized 42 live Sunda pangolins (Manis javanica) from poachers and handed them over to forest rangers in Vietnam’s northern province of Bac Ninh. While the poachers were slapped with a fine, the rangers turned around and sold the live pangolins to local restaurants for a reported $56 a kilo, netting […]