Nov 202014
Results of the Best Photo of the Week Ended 15 Nov 2014

We are delighted to announce the results of our latest “Best Photo of the Week” Competition. First Prize is awarded to Vijayendra Desai for his outstanding image “Sunset”. Myer Bornstein wins Second Prize with “Snowy Egret – Egretta Thula”. Third Prize is shared by Walter Baliero for “Black-billed Shrike-tyrant (Agriornis Montanus)” and Dave Richards for “White-fronted Bee-eater” [...]

Nov 202014
Picaflor común (Glittering-bellied Emerald) Chlorostilbon lucidus

Gran satisfacción me produce el hecho de ver resultados fotográficos como estos en amigos que comenzaron a fotografiar aves mas recientemente que yo !!!!. En esta entrada comparto estas fotografías de un Picaflor común obtenidas por Javier Wioneczak en su casa.    

Nov 202014
POLL: Should lion canned hunting be banned in South Africa?

International indignation over the canned hunting of lions in SA is growing, writes Martina Polley. Lions are majestic animals, the alpha predators of the African bush. We think of them as roaming wild and free across the plains. But this is far from the reality. South Africa has a population of about 2750 lions in national [...]

Nov 192014
Yellow-bellied House Gecko – Dhahran Hills

This Yellow-bellied House Gecko Hemidactylus flaviviridis was found and caught inside my house in Dhahran in September. It had been living in the house for some time and skilfully avoided being caught for some weeks before I eventually managed to trap it. They are a relatively large lizard which demonstrates distinct variation in body colour [...]

Nov 192014
Tanzanian Government complicit in elephant poaching?

“The current situation for Tanzania’s elephant population is dire in the extreme.” So begins a new report, “Vanishing Point – Criminality, Corruption and the Devastation of Tanzania’s Elephants,” by the Environmental Investigation Agency. The report pulls no punches in incriminating Tanzania – at the highest levels – in the illegal ivory trade. Released on the [...]

Nov 182014
Great Cormorant at Port Orange

Yesterday I saw my first Great Cormorant, a lifer for me. Aside from the fact it was having a bad feather day, it’s a beautiful bird. This bird was found over a week ago about a half mile south of where I saw it yesterday. We spent about an hour looking for it there; then [...]

Nov 182014
POLL: Should wildlife hunting contests be permitted in Idaho?

U.S. land managers approved a recreation permit on Thursday allowing a controversial hunting contest open to children to take place on public lands in Idaho, where contestants will seek to kill the most wolves and other wildlife for cash and prizes. The hunting group Idaho for Wildlife requested the permit for the so-called predator derby to take [...]

Nov 172014
Watch: How Did a Young Elephant Drive Off 14 Lions?

“Hercules” the elephant is the new king of the jungle after the youngster drove off 14 lions earlier this month in Zambia. Visitors to South Luangwa National Park came upon a pride of female lions attacking the elephant near the Norman Carr Safaris Chinzombo Camp, and they caught the attack on camera. “Never have I [...]

Nov 162014
Aguilucho colorado (Savanna Hawk) Buteogallus meridionalis

El 24 de Agosto pasado mientras recorríamos el camino de acceso al Club Refugio Ombú luegod e pasar un fin de semana de pajareo entre amigos nos detuvimos unos minutos para contemplar el espectáculo de ver a un Aguilucho colorado perchando en los postes del costado del camino en plena hora dorada. El sol ya [...]

Nov 162014
Lapwings and Water rail: mirror, shine and attitudes

Vanellus vanellus – 3 Northern lapwings landed about 60 m from the hide, the distance was a pity but the show was great! 3 Vanneaux huppés se sont posés peu avant que le râle n’apparaisse, à environ 60 mètres de nous: même avec le 500 mm c’était juste en distance.     Rallus aquaticus – [...]