Jul 292014
Rare bird paradise protected in war-torn Colombian mountain range (photos)

A coalition of conservation groups have established a new protected area in one of Latin America’s most neglected ecosystems: the Colombian-side of the Serranía de Perijá mountain range. Following decades of bloody conflict and rampant deforestation, experts say only five percent of rainforest is left on the Colombian side of this embattled mountain range, which [...]

Jul 282014
South Texas Photography Trip - June 2014

First, this particular area of south Texas is called the Rio Grande Valley, more specifically, the Lower Rio Grande Valley.  It is where the Rio Grande River meets the Gulf of Mexico, and is considered one of the most biologically diverse regions in North America, where over 500 species of birds have been documented. During [...]

Jul 282014
Face your fears: extreme creepy-crawly close-ups – in pictures

Wildlife photographer Yudy Sauw has captured close-ups of insects revealing their colourful and alien-like faces. In these images the insects have bulging eyes and sharp pincers and appear more grotesque than usual. Yudy photographed the bugs at his home studio in Banten, Indonesia, from 2-10cm away. This article was first published by The Guardian.

Jul 272014
African Paradise Flycatchers – Raydah Escarpment

On the way back to the airport in Abha from Tanoumah area we stopped at the Raydah Escarpment for a few hours. The ranger station gate was open so we go into the reserve easily and drove down to the disused farm. The farm now has a new locked gate blocking access for vehicles along [...]

Jul 272014
POLL: Should Barred Owls be Shot to Save Spotted Owls?

At dusk in a forest along Redwood Creek in northern California, Lowell Diller switches on his digital wildlife caller. The eight-note call of a barred owl breaks the silence. Diller and Riley, his Brittany spaniel, listen for a response. Almost immediately the woods are filled with the deafening, cackling duet of a pair of barred [...]

Jul 262014
Reddish Egret at Fort De Soto

Last week my wife decided it might be fun to go to the beach on the Gulf coast (calmer waves), and she asked me if there was a good place there go visit. Fort De Soto, of course! So yesterday we spent the day there. My father and I got there early to do some [...]

Jul 262014
Night Beauties, Luna Moth, Actias luna

We humans are creatures of habitual repetition and it is a reliable assumption that by nightfall most people are indoors with lights on and doors closed to the outside world. When we accidentally or purposefully leave our outside lights on, it is somewhat like fly fishing with the bright light being the lure. Many night beauties will [...]

Jul 252014
Saída rápida perto de casa – Porto Alegre

Choveu muitos dias seguidos em POA, e quando abriu um pouco o tempo, peguei a máquina e fui perto de casa procurar alguns bichos pra fotografar. Vi um bando de asas-de-telha, e consegui algumas fotos. Perto um casal de quiri-quiri estava pousado. Não havia ângulo legal pra pegar os dois na foto. E o céu [...]

Jul 252014
Bird-watchers flock to Breydon Water to see Great Knot

Hundreds of bird-watchers have flocked to the Norfolk coast in the hope of catching a rare glimpse of a migratory great knot in Britain. The elusive wading bird, more at home on the Australian coast, has only been seen in the UK on three occasions since 1989, experts said. Brian Egan, from the Norwich-based Rare [...]

Jul 242014
Fertilizer: one of the three major drivers of biodiversity loss this century

The world’s grasslands are being destabilized by fertilization, according to a paper recently published in the journal Nature. In a study of 41 grassland communities on five continents, researchers found that the presence of fertilizer weakened grassland species diversity. The researchers surveyed grasslands in countries around the world, such as China, the U.S., Switzerland, Tanzania [...]

Jul 232014
Blanford’s Short-toed Lark – Azezza

A trip to a stony plateaux area of Azezza in the hope of seeing Blanford’s Short-toed Lark, formally Red-capped Lark, provided few birds but did turn up a flock of about 40 larks. They were incredibly flighty and very difficult to photograph and as a result I only ended up with a single photo of [...]