Aug 252016
Whimbrel At Carlos Pointe: Part I

Although there was a very welcome breeze at dawn on the morning of 11 August, I was not prepared to walk miles from Carlos Pointe at Big Carlos Pass along Little Estero Lagoon with the temperature already at 78 degrees. The primary purpose of my visit to the freshwater pool at Carlos Pointe was to […]

Aug 252016
Results of the Best Photo of the Week Ended 20 Aug 2016

We are delighted to announce the results of our latest photo competition. Dana Allen wins First Prize for his brilliant capture “Hold On”. Juan Carlos Vindas wins Second Prize for his outstanding composition “Resplendent Quetzal”. Third Prize goes to Dave Waddell for his excellent photo entitled “Mock Attack”.   See detailed results below: (click on […]

Aug 252016
POLL: Should neonicotinoids be banned to save bees?

Pesticides used on oilseed rape crops, whose bright yellow flowers have become an increasingly common sight across the British countryside, are harming native populations of wild bees, scientists have conclusively proved. Species that feed most on the flowers of the now-profitable cash crop used for vegetable oils and animal fodder are down by as much […]

Aug 242016
Shorebird Clock = Right Tide And Right Time

Last weekend when I checked visited the Westbrook shoreline early in the morning. Right from the start I knew it was the right tide and right time for seeing shorebirds. As I started to walk up the beach a yellowlegs seemed to be leading the way.   This may not look like the ideal place […]

Aug 242016
All-Women 'Army' Protecting Rare Bird in India

On a cloudy day in July, in a remote village in northeastern India, Charu Das excitedly imitates the awkward movements of a stork with her hands. In a few months, the greater adjutant stork—called hargilla, which means “swallower of bones” in Sanskrit—will descend on this hamlet, situated in Assam’s Brahmaputra Valley, to breed in large […]

Aug 232016
6th and 13th August - Pennington Marsh

A free Saturday morning on 6th August and I couldn’t resist the pull of Pennington Marsh but a few beers the night before meant a slightly later start so I wasn’t in the car park at Lower Pennington Lane until 08:00 by which time the dog walking hordes had descended. I wandered a short way […]

Aug 232016
POLL: Should spear hunting of bears be banned?

Authorities in the Canadian province of Alberta have vowed to ban spear hunting and are weighing whether to lay charges against an American hunter after a video surfaced showing him killing a black bear with a spear. The video – one of several hunting videos posted to the YouTube account of Josh Bowmar – shows […]

Aug 222016
Reintroducing the Black-fronted Piping-guan in Brazil

A routine check-up in 2010 revealed that only one Black-fronted Piping-guan was left in the mountain range of Sierra do Mar, São Paulo. Wasting no time, the team of SAVE Brasil built a huge enclosure camouflaged in the Atlantic Forest to start a reintroduction programme. Six years later, the situation is being reverted: the birds […]

Aug 212016
Verdón (Great pampa Finch) Embernagra platensis

En esta entrada un Verdón correntino y un Verdón misionero, el de corrientes es de Javier, con un fondo desenfocado de color ocre que muestra el color característico de los pastizales del camino de entrada al Club Refugio Ombú. El de fondo verde es local, fotografiado por Nicolás en Nemesio Parma en un sector en […]

Aug 212016
POLL: Should the sale of elephant ivory be legalized?

World Elephant Day was not necessarily good news for Africa’s elephants: Pressure is mounting in southern Africa to lift the ban on the sale of ivory. In the mid-1980s, during the last great elephant poaching crisis, Africa lost nearly half its elephant population, roughly 600,000 animals, in a decade. But the world responded in 1989 […]

Aug 202016
Plenty of endemic bird species in Wadi Thee Gazelle - Taif

Whilst birding the Wadi Thee Gazelle area of Taif we came across a good number of Arabian Endemic Species, seeing eight out of the twelve species. The high rainfall in the mountains in spring 2016 appears to have produced a good breeding season for many species and adults with juveniles of Arabian Wheatear and Arabian […]