Apr 232014
A week summary in the Arava

Its been a long and hectic week for me with guiding and monitoring throughout. Bird migration is always a wonderful spectacle and there is always much to see (though not always what you expect!). It started last Sunday when I was guiding Norbert Schaffer and we had these wonderful birds which were described in my last post, [...]

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Apr 232014
Malta – Massacre on Migration (Episode 2)

The second episode of Chris Packham’s documentary “Malta – Massacre on Migration” opens on the cliffs at dawn. Apparently there are 384 bird species to be found on Malta. The videoclip includes stunning shots of Montagu’s Harriers circling on the outskirts of Gozo preparing to roost for the night, reports of “lamping” taking place using [...]

Apr 222014
Bizarre, endangered bird discovered in high densities

The turkey-sized, noisy, fruit-feasting guans are arguably one of the strangest wildlife sightings in the tropical forests of Central and South America. Ancient animals, these birds are members of the Cracidae family—which also include equally-odd currasows and chachalacas—and are actually distantly related to megapode, or mound-building, birds of Australiasia. A new study in mongabay.com’s open-access [...]

Apr 222014
Benteveo común, Great kiskadee, Pitangus sulphuratus

¡Cómo no aprovechar la oportunidad de lograr unas buenas fotografías!!!! Sabido es que en la fotografía de aves el quedarse quieto tiene sus beneficios ornitológicos, como lo dice don Tito Narosky es una de las pruebas mas duras para el fotógrafo. Aveces cuando las novedades escasean uno siempre comete el error de cambiar de lugar [...]

Apr 222014
POLL: Should spring hunting on Malta be stopped?

As dawn breaks over the sea and ancient stone churches turn pink, the morning’s stillness is broken by volleys of gunfire. Tucked behind walls, sitting on armchairs in specially built turrets or else popping up from old stone sheds, Malta’s marksmen open fire as migrating birds flap desperately for cover. When it comes to bird [...]

Apr 212014
Malta - Massacre on Migration (Episode 1)

Every spring countless birds fly over Malta on their migration between Africa and Europe. Every spring 10,000 Maltese hunters are waiting to shoot them down. You can help make a difference by supporting BirdLife Malta’s campaign to stop spring hunting. We invite you to vote FOR or AGAINST a complete ban on the spring hunting of [...]

Apr 212014
A couple of new migrants for the year – Dhahran Hills

The ‘patch’ has improved slightly over the last couple of days and a few new migrants are passing through. Good numbers of Barn Swallows and Common Swifts were over the spray fields and percolation pond in the evening but it was warblers that made up the numbers of birds. There were 25+ Common Chiffchaffs, a [...]

Apr 212014
Record £26,000 reward for conviction as raptor deaths in Highlands rise to 19

Rewards totalling £26,000 have been offered by Scottish bird lovers and landowners for the conviction of the perpetrators of one of the UK’s largest mass poisonings of protected birds of prey. The rare alliance between landowners and ornithologists emerged on Wednesday as Police Scotland said the total number of birds killed had increased to 19, [...]

Apr 202014

En tur till tranorna i Hornborgasjön, jag kom upp lite i senaste laget för att vara då ljuset kommer men soluppgången fick jag på plats. Klicka på länken för att starta bildspelet:  Trana-14

Apr 202014
Legality of spring hunting under fire in Malta and Brussels

In Malta, the illegal killing of birds is particularly widespread and with each hunting season, many protected birds are being shot due to lack of adequate controls and monitoring. Illegal shooting is even more harmful in spring, the most sensitive time for migratory birds returning to Europe to breed. BirdLife Malta continues its fight against [...]

Apr 192014
Chickadee Irruption in Central Florida!

Here in Central Florida we’ve grown accustomed to having an easy time identifying chickadees. If you see one, it’s a Carolina Chickadee. But this is no longer the case, as there has been a massive irruption of northern and western species of chickadees into Central Florida. The irruption was first noticed when the above photographed [...]