Oct 092015
Cardenal común (Red-crested Cardinal) Paroaria coronata

Los almuerzos en el Camping Monterrey del Parque Cambyretá se disfrutan por partida doble; compartir un buen asado entre amigos y con los pájaros es algo único. Mientras se prepara el asado unos trozos de pan en el pasto en las cercanías del quincho aseguran la visita de los Cardenales y los Pepiteros, quienes nos […]

Oct 092015
Ghana – rainforest birding on the brink by Adam Riley

My connection with Ghana began rather unexpectedly (and as it turned out, rather humorously) more than ten years ago. I was in contact with a group of birders for whom I arranged and guided an annual tour to Africa. During each trip we would discuss a destination for the following year. We already had South […]

Oct 082015
Early morning at Ghaftayn

On Wednesday morning, I got up early at Ghaftayn rest house to see what passage there had been over-night. These desert stops have highly variable windfalls of migrants during the passage seasons. One morning can be heaving while another can have virtually nothing. The same goes for the rarity of the birds. This was only […]

Oct 082015
How to watch the great migration of animals from Serengeti

Every year a million wildebeest, half a million gazelle and 200,000 zebra make the perilous trek from the Serengeti park in Tanzania to the Maasai Mara reserve in Kenya in their search for water and grazing land. It is one of nature’s most spectacular sights – and one that few people are able to see […]

Oct 072015
Short-toed Snake Eagle – Ash Shargiyah Development Company Farm

Whilst birding Ash Shargiyah Development Company Farm, near Jubail on 11 September 2015 I saw a juvenile Short-toed Snake Eagle over one of the spray fields. The bird dropped down behind the horizon and looked like it may have landed in the field. We drove around and saw the bird take off and fly away […]

Oct 062015
Águila crestuda negra (Black-Hawk Eagle) Spizaetus tyrannus

El Águila crestuda negra (Spizaetus tyrannus), también conocida como el águila tirana, es una especie de ave Accipitriforme de la familia Accipitridae. Se trata de un ave rapaz neotropical ampliamente distribuida por la América Central y del Sur. Se puede observar desde México hasta la zona central del Perú, el sur de Brasil y en […]

Oct 062015
Can Anything Save the Sumatran Rhino From Extinction?

In 2008, a rhino wandered into an oil-palm plantation in Sabah, a state on the Malaysian island of Borneo. It was limping from a snare injury and, for a rhino, was unfamiliar looking: very small—and hairy. When Rasmus Gren Havmøller—a Danish Ph.D. student focused on conservation, ecology, and genetics at the University of Copenhagen—read about […]

Oct 052015
Dowkah delivers again

My Eid trip lasted from Tuesday afternoon until Saturday evening. It involved 3500 kilometres of travel and took me to several birding locations. This and the next four blogs will chronicle the results.I headed north out of Salalah on Tuesday and reached one of my favourite birding locations, Dowkah desert farm, with time to bird […]

Oct 042015
It is the end of September already!

I am on vacation. Here’s a poem by Sara Teasdale entitled September Midnight:           Lyric night of the lingering Indian Summer, Shadowy fields that are scentless but full of singing, Never a bird, but the passionless chant of insects, Ceaseless, insistent. The grasshopper’s horn, and far-off, high in the maples, The […]

Oct 042015
POLL: Should invasive species be eradicated in the EU?

Anyone caught exporting or possessing invasive species such as grey squirrels, ruddy ducks and water hyacinth in the EU will soon face heavy fines and confiscations, under a new blacklist filed at the WTO, which the Guardian has seen. Raccoons, Javan mongooses, and South American coypus are among the 37 types of flora and fauna […]