Feb 272017
Ruddy Ducks Catching A Little Sun

I had the pleasure of seeing Ruddy Ducks sunning themselves this morning. It is usually difficult for me to get a good view of the subtle plumage detail on the wintering Ruddy Ducks (breeding males have bold color). From a distance I usually identify these diving ducks out by seeing their scoop-shaped bills and upright […]

Feb 222017
An ode to the Impala

The Impala – stately, graceful and plentiful. This third quality I listed probably contributes to its undervaluation as a wildlife sighting or photographic opportunity. In areas like the Greater Kruger Park I will give you a surety of 100 to 1 in odds that your first sighting upon entering the park will be impala. They […]

Feb 212017
Parti-colored Starling

Only kidding. It’s so cold and rainy outside that I spent most of it sitting in a comfortable chair playing games and some of it creating imaginary birds with Photoshop from my archive of bird images.       A Bird Came Down the Walk  by Emily Dikinson   A bird came down the walk: […]

Feb 202017
Help to stop the slaughter of badgers in the UK

After 5 years spent fighting the ever expanding badger cull here in the UK I have now moved on to Art as Activism with the casting in foundry bronze of the first of my limited edition small Badger sculptures. These badgers are hand sized and are the small scale models (maquettes) of the much larger […]

Feb 192017
Pied Wheatear - Haradh

Whilst birding the Haradh area I found a Pied Wheatear. The bird was very tame suggesting it was a tiered newly arrived migrant and it spent most of its time busily catching insects. There were plenty of other migrants seen in the same area meaning the strong winds and very cod weather may have persuaded […]

Feb 182017
Dealing with Uncertainties

At the end of every year, I plot out the coming year using an electronic calendar and a paper one. Year after year, I’ve always enjoyed marking in birthdays of friends and family, putting in all my anticipated speaking engagements and birding trips, and thinking how tidily the new year is shaping up. There’s some […]

Feb 172017
Mirasol chico (Least Bittern) Ixobrychus exilis

Lentamente voy retornando a la normalidad luego de unos días de descanso alejado de la PC, estuve visitando otros lugares y tuve la suerte de regresar a Argentina con interesante material fotográfico para compartir en el blog, hay mucho para contar y mostrar de un viaje familias que fué planificado con mucho tiempo, en el […]