Jan 162017
Where are they now?

Everyone seems to be pretty well informed about the migrations of monarch butterflies in North America. Long distance southbound fliers end up in southern states in the east and in refuges in California and Mexico in the west. In spring, northbound females lay eggs that hatch into butterflies that fly north and lay eggs, reaching […]

Jan 152017
Atajacaminos tijera (Scissor-tailded Nightjar) Hydropsalis torquata

Como lo hemos dicho en muchas oportunidades la fotografía de aves es una cuestión de suerte, además de coincidir en el momento exacto con una determinada especie en particular y además contar con el equipo preparado y listo para capturar un registro novedoso como en este caso por lo inusual de encontrarse con estas especies […]

Jan 142017
Yemen Linnet

Yemen Linnet Carduelis yemenensis is a common resident of the south-west highlands, frequenting weedy terraced fields, that have been harvested, where it was often seen in flocks of up to 200 birds. It has also been recorded on the Raydah escarpment along the Raydah Pipeline Road, Al Jarrah and Al Azah. In 1987 it was […]

Jan 132017
Farewell Harns Marsh Preserve And SW Florida

My likely last visit to Harns Marsh Preserve in Lehigh Acres, Florida, occurred in late October when I met up with Canadian wildlife photographer Frank Constantin. The weather was favorable with the grass well groomed and 39 species of bird observed in the ensuing two hours after sunrise during our stay. A good number of […]

Jan 122017
Jamaican Hummingbirds

Jamaican Hummingbirds are quite dazzling. A year ago today, while visiting Jamaica, I was blessed to have a visit from a stunning maleRed-billed Streamertail (Trochilus polytmus.) Early mornings, I stoodon my balcony waiting for them to come sip from the bright hibiscus blossoms covering a large bush just below my railing. During my walks to […]

Jan 112017
Facing 2017

Next month I’m celebrating the 2-year anniversary of my heart attack or, in medical parlance, my acute myocardial infarction. Having survived it at all, and especially having recognized my bizarrely mild symptoms in time so the damage was limited, makes me exceptionally lucky. Having the medical insurance to get superior care during the emergency and […]

Jan 102017
Sixteen Scenes from 2016

Hello my friends! Firstly- I want to wish you a very happy and blessed 2017! It’s that time of year, eh? If you follow a plethora of photographers you will no doubt see many of them put out some sort of “best of 2016” image collection. I’ve outlined in previous posts why I think it’s […]

Jan 092017
Starting the New Year

The New Year was spent in England with birding definitely not on the menu – I was on holiday. Back in Norway I started my 2017 birding with a much needed walking and public transport tour of Oslo yesterday where highlights were the Shag (which hadn’t been reported since 14 Nov although I don’t think […]

Jan 082017
Carpintero garganta negra (Crimson-crested Woodpecker) Campephilus melanoleucos

Buenas tardes para todos los amigos lectores, hoy voy a compartir en el blog estas fotografías de la “Vedette” del Club Refugio Ombú que pudo obtener Lucho durante los días que fue por primera vez a este lugar. De mas está decir que el amigo volvió empachado de bichos nuevos con toda la cantidad de […]

Jan 072017
Arabian Wheatear

Arabian Wheatear Oenanthe lugentoides is a rather scarce resident of the south-west highlands, but is also found in Oman, Palestine and Yemen, mainly in rocky, bushy sites but widespread on the Jebal Souda plateau, Wadi Tale’a, Pipeline Road, near Farshah, Gara’a and Tanumah. In 1987 it was recorded more frequently so the species may have […]

Jan 062017
Arabian Waxbill

Arabian Waxbill Estrilda rubibarba is a rather scarce resident of the Tihama region where they have beens seen on Jebal Faifa summit and at Jebal Gaha as well as at the Raghadan Forest area of Baha. Birds have also been seen near Tanoumah, Al Baha and as far north as Taif where they can be […]