Aug 202015
Lions Return to Rwanda for First Time Since Genocide’s Aftermath

Jes Gruner was excited when he told me over the phone that the lions had made their first kill. A week after their release into the Akagera National Park in the northeast of Rwanda, the lions took down a waterbuck on the lakeshore and were gorging themselves on the carcass. Gruner, the Park Manager of […]

Jan 252015
Video: Discovery of the Mysterious Kipunji Monkey in East Africa

Travel West, and the valley changes from grassland to true African jungle. Here, in the little-known mountains of southern Tanzania and Rwanda, live many unique animals, including the Kipunji monkey which was only discovered in 2005.       This video was first published by BBC Earth on 16 Jan 2015.      

Dec 172013
Sky islands: exploring East Africa’s last frontier

The montane rainforests of East Africa are little-known to the global public. The Amazon and Congo loom much larger in our minds, while the savannas of East Africa remain the iconic ecosystems for the region. However these ancient, biodiverse forests—sitting on the tops of mountains rising from the African savanna—are home to some remarkable species, […]

Oct 142013
African gorillas are under threat from oil survey

Controversial aerial surveys aimed at finding oil under Africa’s oldest national park have been started by a British company amid fears that drilling in the area could seriously threaten the world’s last sanctuary for mountain gorillas. The moves towards possible oil exploration in Virunga national park, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, have been condemned […]

May 222013
Why responsible tourism is the key to saving the mountain gorilla

The sunlight poured through the canopy, casting dappled shade over Makara, a large silverback mountain gorilla, as he cast his eyes around the forest clearing, checking on the members of his harem. A female gorilla reclined on a bank of dense vegetation of the most brilliant green, clutching her three day old infant close to […]

Mar 042013
The Thinker…

Staring deeply into the eyes of a silverback Mountain Gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei), I truly wonder… what is in his thoughts? Volcanoes National Park, Virunga Massif, Rwanda Nikon D3s. Nikon 28-300 mm. ISO 800. f5.6 @ 1/180 sec. Lexar Media. © Dana Allen