152 bears killed so far in latest New Jersey hunt

152 bears killed so far in latest New Jersey hunt

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Hunters have killed 152 bears so far during ’s latest hunt, according to the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife.

Wildlife officials say that 58 bears were culled on Tuesday, a day after 94 were killed on the hunt’s opening day.

The hunt is restricted to five zones, as Gov. Phil Murphy has again prohibited on state lands. The highest number of kills have been reported in two zones in northern and northeastern Jersey, where 102 bears overall have been harvested so far.

Image shows a black bear sow and cubs Seventh Day Photography, Getty Images/iStockphoto

During the first three days, hunters can only use bows and arrows. Archers and muzzle-loading rifle hunters can participate on Thursday and Friday.

The bear hunt for firearms only is set to begin on Dec. 9. Hunters killed 225 bears in 2018, the lowest amount since 2003.

This article was first published by News12 New Jersey on 16 October 2019.

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Phil Laycheo

The bear hunt has proven to be very effective at keeping the population in check and limiting human encounters.

Kelly McCaleb

and for what? it is allowed murder of our wildlife & it is so wrong

Maria Anna Mavromichalis

the wrong animals are being killed!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria Mandjik

Horrendous Why do men love killing living beings?

Usman Naqeeb

Cruel people

Claudia Lima



Why…..ITS beautiful world…but why they are cruel..

Emilia Pagliettini González


Alice Maingi

Murders why you do this

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

If you want to hunt build a time machine and go back to the Stone Age, sadistic futhamukkaz

Jan Vit


Rikki Salty

Why? Where is the respect for OUR beautiful world….

george mira

I don’t believe the killers “sowed” the bears.

Therefore “harvest” is an inaccurate euphemism for pleasure-killing – which is a serial killer’s emotion.

Guns are bought for two reasons, and TWO reasons only:
to kill safely from a distance.
TO threaten to kill.

Guns have no other purpose. Remove guns from their hands and the most homicidal human will not kill a bear larger than a cub helpless to escape. Otherwise the mother would prevent the murder of her child.
Ask a wildlife scientist for corroboration.

Humans in the USA are not going to starve without guns.
ALL lives will be tremendously improved when guns are outlawed.

Doris Charles

Most for food i can imagine , not all are trophy hunters, in Canada its for food mainly Ken.

Art Ryan

kill-crazed dullards

Manohar Nair


Cameron McElroy

Oh dear no!

Cathy Hull Hoffman


Nicky Shelton Artist

Noooooo. What is the matter with people.