Feb 232016
Live track migrating birds using "Animal Tracker" APP

With Animal Tracker, you can follow the movements of wild animals all over the world that are being tracked in near-real time! These movements are collected by tiny GPS tags carried by the animals and are stored at Movebank, a free online infrastructure used by hundreds of researchers to manage, share, analyze, and archive animal […]

Feb 222016
Champions of the Flyway 2016

The Dutch Knights are back at the Champions of the Flyway 2016! After having received the much coveted title ‘Knights of the Flyway’ in 2014, for being the most helpful team during the race and generating the greatest exposure, we succeeded in raising (even more) significant funds – as well as awareness – during last […]

Feb 222016
Scientists see like predators to prove camouflage works

In a groundbreaking study conducted in southern Zambia, researchers combined advanced technology, local knowledge of area fauna, and prior research on the visual systems of predators, to finally see as a predator sees. In a first of its kind approach, the team from the Universities of Exeter, Cambridge, and Cape Town was able to collect […]

Feb 212016
POLL: Should trophy hunting be banned?

This week sport hunters placed bids on at least 600 permits at Safari Club International’s annual convention, or, as it’s also called, “the ultimate hunter’s market.” The auction drew sharp criticism, but those 600 permits are only a sliver of American hunters’ involvement in the sport hunting industry. Sport hunters, those who kill animals for […]

Feb 202016
Meet pesticides, the silent bird killers that protect our crops

The illegal killing of birds with poisoned baits and their accidental deaths from pesticides occurs on a global scale: Tens of millions have died, leading to a decline in numerous species’ populations. Birds of prey are targeted with poison baits if they are seen as predators by racing-pigeon enthusiasts, gamekeepers, livestock farmers, poultry farmers and […]

Feb 202016
POLL: Should houbara bustard "royal hunting trips" be stopped?

They’re a shy, rare bird breed, the size of a chicken – and hunting them is officially banned in Pakistan. But it is no holds barred when Arab royals begin their Houbara bustard hunting trips. Arab princes and their wealthy friends like to hunt Houbara bustards both as a sport and because the meat is […]

Feb 192016
Spanish Sparrow breeding and much more – Haradh

Whilst birding the area of Haradh recently where we concentrated on looking in the pivot irrigation fields we also saw a few other good birds around the filed edges and surrounding areas. The first good birds we saw were just outside the main entrance to the huge HADEC farm complex where a nesting colony of […]

Feb 192016
POLL:  Should we wipe mosquitoes off the face of the Earth?

When an Aedes aegypti mosquito bites you, she – because only the females, which need blood as nutrients for their offspring, bite – will probe your skin with her proboscis as many as 20 times. Two pairs of sharp cutting edges, the fascicle, break the skin and then search for a blood vessel, withdrawing and […]

Feb 182016
Results of the Best Photo of the Week Ended 13 Feb 2016

We are delighted to announce the results of our latest photo competition. Alan Jonker wins First Prize for his brilliant capture “Angry Male Leopard”. Myer Bornstein wins Second Prize for his outstanding composition “Competing for Love”. Third Prize goes to Kath Aggiss for her excellent photo entitled “Gotcha!”.   See detailed results below: (click on […]

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