4th Dolphin Dies at Las Vegas’ Mirage in Less Than One Year

4th Dolphin Dies at Las Vegas’ Mirage in Less Than One Year

Another dolphin at Mirage’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat has died, making it the 4th dolphin to die there in less than a year.

Duchess, one of the five original dolphins that were being held captive at the Mirage and died at the age of 48.

“With a heavy heart, I share that Duchess, our matriarch bottlenose dolphin and beloved member of The Mirage Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat family, has passed away.

Duchess was 48 years old, one of 5 original dolphins that opened the Habitat in 1990,” a statement from Mirage President Joe Lupo said.

In April 2022, Bella, a 13-year-old dolphin, who was Duchess’ granddaughter, died after going through treatment for gastroenteritis.

In September 2020, 19-year-old Maverick died after treatment for a lung infection, and just weeks after that, 11-year-old K2 died while receiving treatment for a respiratory illness.

It’s clear that there is something wrong here and that these dolphins are not meant to be in captivity.

These prisoners for profit are being used to make money, and their health is suffering as a consequence, but these companies don’t seem to care as long as they keep profiting off of them.

The exhibit still has seven bottlenose dolphins, four leopards, two lions, eight tigers, one two-toed sloth, one umbrella cockatoo, and approximately 350 aquarium fish.

The Mirage has a long history of deaths of their animals. K2 was the 16th dolphin to die at the facility in its 31 years in operation, according to Cetabase. Animal welfare advocates are calling for the dolphins and animals to be sent to sanctuaries.

This article by Hailey Kanowsky was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 28 January 2023.

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