5 AMAZING Tiger Rescues!

5 AMAZING Tiger Rescues!

We are used to hearing of instances like “Tiger King” and poaching, where tigers are unfairly treated.

But, in the realm of wildlife Conservation, stories of remarkable tiger rescues stand as inspiration and differentiation from the norm.

Luckily, these magnificent creatures have been saved from the clutches of danger through the unwavering dedication of conservationists.

1. Susu

This tiger, named Susu, spent her entire life chained up in captivity in Thailand.

She was used as a form of entertainment, never allowed to be free.

Luckily, an amazing team of rescuers stepped in to allow her to have her first free steps.

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

2. Abandoned by the Circus

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

Two tigers were abandoned by the circus and left in a bare cage. They had only each other and a captor that would feed them once a week. They had nothing, for fifteen years. Until now.

3. Asha

Source: Inside Addition/Youtube

This nine-month-old tiger, named Asha, weighed a mere thirty pounds when she was rescued from a traveling circus. She was missing her stripes, had patchy fur, and looked sickly. Rescuers and doctors stepped in, bringing her back to life!

4. Dash

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

This tiny baby tiger was rescued and without a mother. Slowly but surely, he learned to walk, open his eyes, and come to life!

5. Java, Bali, Titan

Source: ifaw/Youtube

These three tigers moved around a lot in their lives and their background are not super well-known. But, this specific rescue took place when a sanctuary had to close and these three friends needed a another new home.

The tales of these five incredible tiger rescues exemplify the human capacity for positive change and the determination to safeguard our planet’s most iconic big cat. As these magnificent animals continue to face numerous threats, their survival relies heavily on the relentless work of conservationists and the global community. With each successful rescue, we renew our commitment to the preservation of these amazing creatures, ensuring that future generations can also bear witness to the beauty and power of the world’s tigers.

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This article by Trinity Sparke was first published by One Green Planet on 9 November 2023. Image Credit :LuckyStep/Shutterstock.

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