5 of The Most Adorable Rescue Raccoons

5 of The Most Adorable Rescue Raccoons

Raccoons sometimes get a bad rap for their mischievous look and penchant for rummaging through garbage. But, they can also be endearing and cute — if you catch them at the right time! Given the prejudices some have toward them, however, they can sometimes find themselves in sticky situations. When this occurs, amazing rescuers can step in to help.

1. Abandoned Baby Raccoons

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

These two adorable baby raccoons were found without their mom.

They were in dire straights, and one unfortunately didn’t make it.

But, Smokey found an amazing family to love and care for him.

2. Unable to Climb

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

These rescued pet raccoons reside at a sanctuary after being illegal pets for four years. They could no longer be released back into the wild for a few reasons — one of them being that they were too obese to even climb. Now, they are living a fulfilling life and on a strict diet.

3. Pit Bull Mom

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

These orphaned raccoons found more than they bargained for when they were brought into a foster home with a kind Pit Bull. Rain, Storm, and Hailey were without a mother but they found one in their dog companion.

4. Human Raccoon

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

Dawson was taken in when he was a baby by a wildlife rehabilitator. He was very sick, but with a little work he got better and he got more comfortable. Soon, he didn’t like being with other raccoons. He preferred to be with humans!

5. Alone At A Construction Site

Source: GeoBeats Animals/Youtube

Lucy was left behind at a construction site all alone. When she was found, a kind stranger took her to a rescue center. Jaime was called to ask to take care of her, so she stepped and in helped bring her back to life.

These raccoons have not only overcome adversity but have also found their way into our hearts, serving as ambassadors for the countless other animals in need of rescue and care. In a world often fraught with challenges for both wildlife and the environment, these stories of rehabilitation and second chances offer a glimmer of hope. They inspire us to be more conscious of our interactions with nature and to Support the organizations and individuals striving to protect and nurture it.

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This article by Trinity Sparke was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 24 August 2023. 

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