American Express Finally Agrees To Remove Crocodile Skin Bags From Membership Program

American Express Finally Agrees To Remove Crocodile Skin Bags From Membership Program

American Express has finally removed crocodile skin bags from its Membership Rewards program after five years of pressure from PETA.

Over the five years, PETA says they sent more than 300,000 messages from supporters of the removal of the crocodile skin bag.

Now, finally, cardholders will not have to spend their points on a bag made of crocodile skin. To thank them, PETA is sending American Express a set of crocodile-shaped vegan chocolates.

Crocodiles are sentient and intelligent creatures who communicate through sounds and body language and fiercely protect their young, according to PETA. Workers on ‘skin farms’ torment these imprisoned animals and use them for their skin.

In the wild, crocodiles can live around 70 years, but when they are raised for their skin, they are slaughtered in just two or three years.

An investigation by PETA Asia in 2016 found crocodile farms in Vietnam electroshocked crocodiles and then attempted to kill them by curring their necks and ramming metal rods down their spine while the animals were still completely alive.

Fashion giant Hermès is building a facility to factory farm crocodiles who will be skinned for bags and shoes. It will be one of Australia’s largest crocodile farms, holding 50,000 crocodiles for their use and abuse.

Animals do not need to be killed and worn for fashion. There are many vegan types of leather and other material alternatives that give the same texture and feel as reak skin, without the cruelty.

Fur and exotic skins have no use in fashion collections or as accessories being worn by designers. The fashion industry is notoriously cruel toward animals. Animals are kept in cages, treated inhumanely, and exploited for fashion.

The exotic animal skin trade punishes animals and treats them terribly to make fancy handbags. Large brands including Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Zara, Versace, Michael Kors, and Gucci have all stopped using fur.

This article by Hailey Kanowski was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 24 July 2022. Lead Image Source : Sorapong Chaipanya/Shutterstock.

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