Brendan Kavanagh is a Zoology graduate from Trinity College Dublin. In Ireland he developed the ‘National Conservation Strategy for the endangered Grey Partridge”. Based in Bahrain, Brendan has established the first sustained bird ringing programme using the British Trust for Ornithology ringing scheme, has trained local Bahraini personnel, Wildlife Rangers from Saudi Arabia and conducted research on the Grey Hypocolius, a species endemic to the Middle East. He has ringed over 10,000 birds and amassed a significant data set on the morphology of migrants in the Gulf Region.

Jun 052012
Different Views of Nature

I was developing a research project on Grey Partridge a number of years ago and part of the experimental aspect of the work involved releasing pen reared birds on what appeared to be suitable farmland habitat. I identified with a farmer in Kildare, Ireland, who had a great love of Partridge. He vividly recounted where […]

Apr 192012
Man’s attitude to nature

I was in a farm recently with a friend of mine and we were approached by the manager regarding some feral dogs which were becoming a nuisance. There were many sheep in open pens on the farm and it was the lambing season. The manager asked if we could ‘remove’ the animals as they were […]

Mar 152012
Harness the natural curiosity of children

As the world human population tops 7 billion individuals currently alive, the threats to the global environment have never been greater. The natural world as we know it is unlikely to survive in its existing condition for much longer. We have all heard of the Rio Summits and the attempts to address biodiversity loss going […]

Mar 072012
Spring Bird Migration

For many people the world over, spring migration with the return of our summer songsters is an exciting time of year. The first swallow or cuckoo heralds in the summer and floods our thoughts with summer haze and the smell of wildflowers. When I lived in Ireland March was typically cold and wet and summer […]