Bird nest prevents Christmas tree coming down

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The Northumberland town of Cramlington cannot down their Christmas tree in the town centre because a blackbird has laid eggs in it. A local council in Northumberland has been forced to keep the town’s Christmas tree up, four weeks after the close of the festive period, because a bird’s nest was discovered in among the branches.


Jean Whisson, chair of the council’s services committee of the Cramlington Town Council said the blackbird’s nest was discovered along with three eggs in it, when they tried to take down the tree on Jan 20.

After checking with the RBPB, the council was advised to leave the bird to finish its nesting before removing the tree.

Despite the incongruous nature of a Christmas tree in February, most the locals seem delighted by having the tree and the blackbird there.


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Susan Frudd

Amazing nesting so early, I know Blackbirds often nest in January. I wonder if the eggs will hatch.
Tells us how mild it has been this Winter…….and so dreadfully wet.